Are Welcome Books For Vacation Rentals Really Worth It?

Are welcome books for vacation rentals really worth it? Know everything about a welcome book.

welcome books for vacation

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Have you ever been to a vacation rental apartment and hit a snag while using the high-tech kitchen appliances? Have you ever felt a pang of disappointment while trying to locate a doctor or a departmental store in a block chock-a-block with high rises? 

Your guests might feel the same way on arriving at your vacation rental. Hence, having a welcome book is necessary. 

A welcome book provides essential information and answers all the common questions about the property and even the nearby areas that go a long way in enhancing the stay experience of your guests. In fact, a welcome book is one of the essential amenities that most travelers look for while booking a property. So, yes, welcome books for vacation rentals are really worth it. 

Here is how you can curate a perfect welcome book for your rental property. 

Add a personal welcome note

No matter how beautiful your property is, the number of amenities you offer, or how well you manage your short-term rental, if you fail to welcome your guests the right way, they won’t enjoy the stay. 

The first few moments at a property are enough to determine the quality of stay one can expect. Playing the right cards here can create a win-win situation for you. 

A simple hand-written note from you can make a big difference and help foster a meaningful and long-lasting bond between you and your guests. 

Moreover, it will set you apart from others. 

Provide emergency contacts 

Irrespective of whether their stay is long or short, your guests might need emergency contacts. If you live in the same city, provide your contact details, or provide the name, contact number, and email of a person (a neighbor or property manager) who can be contacted during the time of emergency. 

Also, include the contact details of the nearest police department, fire department, hospital, and dental clinic. 

A how-to guide 

Your property has the most up-to-date gadgets and appliances, but they are only good enough if your guests can use them. Most people face a hard time operating high-tech gadgets. Make it easy for them by providing a how-to guide for using all the equipment and gadgets on your property. 

Include detailed instructions for using the washer and dryer, smart TV, Wi-Fi, hot tub, thermostat, fireplace, and kitchen appliances. Also, include information on property access, such as lockbox code, garage code, etc. 

This information will make their stay more comfortable and hassle-free. 

Details of local transport 

If it is their first time in the city, your guest might not know where to find a cab or where the subway station is? 

Divulge the details of local transport to help them explore the city. For instance, if you have one of those quaint apartments in Salt Lake City UT, provide them an area map and the local transit network that connects your apartment to the rest of the city. 

Provide them information about bus routes, train stations, cab and shuttle services, car rentals, and the airport. 

The details of your area 

Of course, your guests would like to explore the area. Be their guide and share all the local delights. Tell them where to go and what to do. Suggest to them the activities they can enjoy. 

Tell them about the local restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, shopping complexes, monuments, museums, parks, beaches, and activities like golf, hikes. Include the details of religious places and departmental stores too. 

The policies of your property

Give a detailed account of the property’s policies to your guests. It will keep unwanted complications and issues at bay. Provide information about check-in and check-out procedures, parking instructions, pet policy, smoking policy, community rules, etc. 

The bottom line 

A property listing entails all the essential details that a traveler would want to know before booking your vacation rental. However, once they arrive at the destination, they might want to know more. It is where welcome books come to their rescue.

So, get one for your property. 

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