Top Tips For Taking The Kids Camping During COVID-19

Top tips for taking the kids camping during COVID-19.

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While we are over the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re not out of the woods just yet. Even as restrictions continue to ease across the world, there are measures that still need to be observed this summer. The last thing we all want is a rise in hospital admissions and another full lockdown.

As such, it looks as though foreign summer holidays in 2021 might end up being a no-go for many. Still, that’s not to say you can’t take the family on a trip during the kids’ summer holidays. Pack up the tent or take your newly converted campervan out for its first adventure, and head on over to a campsite. Just bear in mind there are a few things you’ll need to know before you go.

5 camping tips for children

To keep your family as safe as possible during these uncertain times, the following tips will ensure everyone, from the kids to the parents to the grandparents, is sure to be well looked after and still have a quality holiday. 

Prepare the kids 

If you’ve taken your kids camping before, you’ll need to prepare them for the fact that this trip won’t be quite like others they’ve been on. And if they haven’t been camping before, it’s important you explain to them the Covid-19 measures they might have to adhere to.

For one thing, they might not be able to spend as much time making new friends as they might like. They’ll also have to wear a mask in more places, which (hopefully) they’ve gotten used to by now. Finally, there will likely be new rules in place on the campsite to maintain social distancing and it’s important that they do their best to follow them. 

Pack accordingly 

As well as the typical clothes, toiletries, insect repellent, and other items on your family’s camping essentials list, there are some additional things you’ll need to pack to help keep everyone safe during the trip.

When you’re out shopping for your holiday, add a few packs of face masks to your trolley as well as hand sanitizer, soap, and wipes to carry with you wherever you go. That way, if any amenities don’t have sanitizing products, you’ll have what you need to maintain hygiene.

Find the perfect spot

There are plenty of free camping spots in the UK. Whether you’ve got a used campervan, a brand new model, or you’re planning on pitching a tent, it’s always been a good idea to do some research before pulling up. However, now it’s more essential than ever to do a thorough background check.

Make sure the campsite you go to is limiting numbers. You don’t want to end up rubbing elbows with the campers next door. Check each site’s social distancing measure, too, to ensure you’re satisfied with the level of safety.

Make the most of the great outdoors  

Chances are, if you’re off on a camping holiday, you’re planning to spend most of your time outside anyway. But, if you’d usually try and squeeze in some museum visits or a trip to the cinema, too, you might be better off thinking of some alternatives.

Cycling, hiking, and outdoor sightseeing are all great options. However, even outdoor attractions get busy, so always wait your turn and practice social distancing if you visit somewhere crowded.  

Minimize interaction

If you follow all of the above advice, chances are you’ll end up minimizing your interaction with other people anyway. However, there’s still more you can do.

Before you go, pack plenty of food in a refrigerated box or drawer to avoid going to the shops and, if you’re taking a van, ensure it has adequate plumbing to supply you with several days’ worth of drinking water. Also, if your kids really want to go to a café for lunch or a restaurant for dinner, ask if it would be possible to sit outside. 

Keeping the kids safe  

There’s plenty you can do to look after your children during a camping holiday. So, consider renting out a campervan (or even converting one yourself) or getting out your old reliable tent to take them for a fun and risk-free adventure.

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