Budget-Friendly Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

Budget-friendly kids’ birthday party ideas.

budget-friendly kids' birthday party

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All parents know that there is always going to be a competition between parents who will throw a better birthday party for their kid. But that is not a healthy nor correct thing to do. Not every family has the same budget and not every kid wants a big party. There is nothing bad about throwing your kid budget-friendly and throwing one doesn’t mean that the party is going to be a bad one. And here is how you can accomplish that.

Keep their guest list short

Even though they might want to invite everybody that they know, you have to narrow down the invitation list to their closest friend group because the first thing that will make the party expensive is having a big invitation list. And the biggest plus smaller parties mean that kids will be able to grow a closer bond. As a rule of thumb, send the birthday party invitations three weeks before the date. This is so the guests can have enough time to respond and prepare for the party.

You can still have a theme

A popular misconception is that theme parties are expensive. They are not if they are planned and executed right. Even if they want it to be the most popular theme ever, you will be able to make it budget-friendly if you are creative and try. Yes, it is much easier and faster to just go out and buy all the things that have to do with that theme than to be creative. But with the help of the internet, you can easily do it on your own. 

Send digital invitations

We live in a technologically advanced age so why not make the best out of it. It is such a great thing because you can personalize the invitations completely and it is free. All you need is an e-mail address and fun templates and some time to create the invitation that your kids will like. Another great thing is that you can have your kid help you out with the design. 

Find a free venue

One of the most important things, when you are throwing a budget-friendly party, is to find a venue that is free. The best thing, if you came, is to have a party in your home or backyard. But if you can’t you can seek out help from your family or simply, have it in a park if the weather is good. If you live near a beach or a cool playground there is nothing where you will have more fun than playing outside in nature. You can make your own treasure hunts or play many different fun team games. When it comes to kids’ party entertainment you can always come up with something fun to do no matter what your location is. 

Skip the goody bags

Goody bags aren’t even that popular anymore when you come to parties. There is no shame in not having them as they are one of the main things that will add up to quite a number. Usually, they are just filled up with random things that kids tend to lose or forget about. 

Make your own party decor

The best way you can make their party both budget-friendly and a fun bonding experience is by creating the decorations together or even as a family. No kid will care that the decor isn’t picture-perfect, they won’t even notice. All they care about is food and having fun. You can make your own tablecloths, pinatas as well as centerpieces for the table.

Skip out on themed paper plates

Just like goody bags, you can simply just skip out on themed paper plates and no one will even notice. There is nothing wrong with having solid-color plates, napkins, and cups. The kids won’t even notice that there is nothing drawn on them. At the end of the day the plates will be filled with cakes, napkins will be smeared with icing and cups will be filled with drinks and all the kids will be more than happy. 

Bake them a cake from scratch

We all know that cakes that come from bakeries or even Walmart cakes are quite expensive. And who has the heart to limit how much cake every kid can eat? But as there is everything online, you can easily find video tutorials that will explain how to bake unbelievable cakes step by step. All you need is patience and a little bit of love for what you are creating. It is something that you can make into a great bonding experience and have your kid make the cake with you. 

As you can see, there are so many things that you can do to throw your kid a budget-friendly birthday party and still have it be awesome. It will still be memorable and no one will think that you are a cheapskate. But be cautious because it is too easy to slip up and go over your budget when you are doing something nice for your kids. 

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