5 Ways to Throw the Ultimate Kid’s Birthday Party

How to throw the ultimate kid’s birthday party?

ultimate kid's birthday party

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As parents, we love to see our children happy and excited. Perhaps one of the most exciting days of the year for the child is on their birthday. To have the most ultimate kid’s birthday party ever, consider including these five tips and tricks.

Company and invitations

It’s important to think of the company that will be invited to your child’s birthday. To make it the most memorable day ever, invite your child’s friends, family, and anyone they have a close attachment to. Birthday parties are nothing if there’s no one there to share them with.

You can also make the birthday special by allowing your child to help with the invitations. Consider crafting your own with your child, then allowing them to give them out to their closest friends while at school.

In this virtual day and age, parents can also create an online group or text chain that can be used as an easy way to RSVP. Not only will this help with the planning, but as more people RSVP, the more exciting it starts to become to the child.


Decorations are a big part of birthday parties and can be done in many ways. If your child is particularly into a specific topic, such as space or dinosaurs, a themed birthday is a great way to go. Guests can bring themed gifts, or even dress up in costumes or fun t-shirts if appropriate.

Another great way to decorate is with banners and streamers. These should be placed both inside and outside the house. Balloons can be tied to the mailbox, and custom feather flags can be placed outside. Not only does this add to the fun and excitement of the day, but it also helps guests find your home.

Balloons and banners can also be placed inside the house. Children love both helium and regular oxygen balloons, so you can’t go wrong. To make it extra fun, get the kids to float the balloons across the room to one another without allowing them to touch the floor. This can be turned into a great party game.


Speaking of games, to throw the ultimate kid’s birthday party ever, you’re going to need several classics games, such as pin the tail on the donkey, or the balloon one above is a must. These can be made more fun by adding a small price, such as candy, to the winner.

Another great game that can be played to make the party special is to get a piñata. These work great for themed birthday parties. If the birthday isn’t themed, the piñata can still shape the child’s favorite cartoon or movie character. Just make sure that the bat being used is age-appropriate. Younger kids will need a plastic one, and may not even need to be blindfolded or spun around. Older kids can use a more sturdy stick to hit the piñata with, just make sure everyone is standing back first.


It wouldn’t be a birthday without cake, and there are many options for you to choose from. Due to 2020 and the pandemic, a lot of people are choosing to move away from the traditional cake that the child blows out the candles on. This doesn’t mean the party has to be any less fun, though. In fact, it can even be made more special by adding something unique, like cake pops or personalized cupcakes.


Birthday parties aren’t all about presents, but it does make the day a lot more fun. We’ve already talked about having themed presents, but how else can you make this birthday special? Especially if you’re on a budget.

For the frugal shopper, books can be purchased for pennies these days. There’s a wide variety of topics that any child would be interested in. Thrift stores are also a great place to look for toys, especially older ones, such as dollhouses and riding horses. These can be cleaned up and customized with a layer of fresh paint and a little love.

If money isn’t an option, children these days love electronics. New computers, high-tech phones, and tablets are always enjoyed by all ages.

However, most kids have that one gift they really want, so ask your child what they want beforehand is also recommended. To make the day more memorable, put off giving your child that special gift. By making them wait till the end of the party, you build up excited anticipation.

Overall, a kid will always be happy on their birthday because it’s the one day out of the year that celebrates them. By adding the five tips above, you create a one-of-a-kind birthday experience that kids will be sure to be remembered for years.

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