Hosting a Fun Jungle Theme Party?

Hosting a fun jungle theme party? Read this first!

fun jungle theme party

You’re planning to hold a jungle-themed party for your kid, complete with wild forest decorations, jungle-inspired food, animal print plates, and of course, animal costumes. The dilemma is you want the party to be really great, but you don’t want to overspend. You want some helpful ideas on how to set the scene. Read on as we guide you in hosting a fun jungle-themed party that is inexpensive yet very creative.

Go wild on your decors

Jungle or safari-themed decorations don’t need to be expensive. There are many ready-made jungle theme decorations that you can buy at an affordable price at party stores and online shops. You can also make homemade decors using construction papers and paper streamers. You can make vines out of long paper strips, draw some leaves on colored paper, and attach them to the vines for that forest background.

Here are some decorative items that you should have in your jungle theme party:

  • Animal balloons
  • Animal print plates and tableware 
  • Animal stickers
  • Jungle backdrop
  • Confetti
  • Photobooth

Customize your party invites

Most people begin their party preparations by making invitation cards. You can choose to invite people using online invites, but you can also do the traditional jungle-themed invitation cards and hand them in personally. One popular do-it-yourself invitation card is the Passport invite. It can easily be made by folding construction paper in half and writing the party details inside. During the party, you can let kids enjoy the passport invitation by putting “stamps” on their passports when they arrive. 

Here are some card invite ideas you can choose from:

  • Lion shaped invite card
  • Passport invite card
  • Jungle inspired invite card
  • Safari inspired invite cards
  • Forest party invite cards

Dress up in animal costumes

If you want your jungle theme party to be successful, you should play the part and dress your whole family in animal costumes. Animal costumes can be found in adult and kid sizes, so there will be no difficulty finding one that would suit you. Dressing up is always a fun thing to do, especially if done by the whole family.

You should likewise ask the guests to come in their best animal costumes. To make dressing up easier, you can offer the guests some animal party hats, which you can buy at party stores and online party accessories shops.

Food ideas to make your jungle-inspire party a blast

Ideally, the food that you serve should match the jungle-themed party. Make sure you satisfy the ravenous hunger of the wild animals in your party. A good example is making a zoo pasta made from animal-shaped noodles. You can also create a sub sandwich and lay it on the table like a snake. Let your creative juices flow by making cheese and ham platter in the shape of a lion’s mane.

It is best to serve the food using animal print plates to make your jungle-themed party more fun.

You can make a trail mix for snacks, gummy worms are also popular, and you can make chocolate pudding with crumbled cookies and label them dirt. A bowl of pretzels labeled jungle logs and peanuts labeled elephant food are good snack options as well. 

Never forget to set up a place where the guests can quench their thirst. Lemonade and other alcohol-free drinks in jungle-themed drinking cups are ideal. The birthday cake should be jungle-inspired, but you can opt to make simple cupcakes and decorate them with animal crackers.

Let the Jungle games begin!

The jungle theme party will never be as fun if you don’t play jungle-inspired games. There are so many games that can be adapted to the jungle theme. You can play “pin the tail of the lion” instead of the more common donkey theme. You can let the children play Jungle charade, where a kid will act out an animal while the other kids try to guess what animal it is. 


With these wild jungle theme party ideas, we’re sure that your party will be successful and your child will have the time of his life. Bear in mind that you don’t have to splurge just to have a fun party. Remember that the most important thing is spending quality time with the people you care about and love. However, you also need to make sure that your child is the center of the show. Make him the king of the jungle during the party. 

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