Easy Ways to Treat Yourself as a Busy Mom

How to treat yourself as a busy mom?

treat yourself as a busy mom

Photo by Iuliyan Metodiev from Pexels

As a mother, chances are you’ll be spending more time caring for your children than your spouse or partner. Mothers are faced with several responsibilities while at home and these responsibilities are increased when you’re looking after small children. When the world was affected by the pandemic, many mothers who were previously working outside of the home had to stay inside, work from home, and care for children who also had to attend school at home.

Mothers often have a hard time finding time for themselves, but this became even more difficult in the past year. It’s more important than ever for mothers to have a little “me” time and find creative ways to treat themselves. This is not only important for a mom’s wellbeing but can benefit the entire family as well. If you’re a busy mom who has a hard time finding a few moments for yourself, here are some easy ways to treat yourself.

Order something nice for yourself

You don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day or your birthday to get a nice gift. You can order something special for yourself to boost your mood, enhance your wardrobe, or help you relax while you’re at home. Search for luxury purses at discount prices, choose an expensive hair product or cosmetic item, or buy yourself a new outfit. Even if you don’t get to go out much, you’ll have a boost of confidence when you have to leave the house for business meetings or to run errands. These items will also help you look your best when you have to attend virtual business meetings.

Order takeout

Cooking is often a task that mothers assume, and if you’re exhausted from a long day of work and/or helping the kids with virtual school, order takeout for dinner from your favorite restaurant. Choose the entree you like best and have a “cheat day” by ordering your favorite dessert as well. Rewarding yourself in this simple way will go a long way for your peace of mind.

Decorate and organize your space

When you remove the clutter from your space, you’ll find that you’re able to concentrate and may not feel as anxious. You can start with your bedroom so you’ll feel more relaxed at bedtime or in the home office where you may spend the majority of your day. Get rid of the items you no longer need, organize your shelves and drawers, and decorate the room with your favorite colors. If you’re not completely comfortable asking an interior designer to come to your home yet, you can complete a few DIY projects such as painting an accent wall in your favorite colors or adding an area rug to your space.

Take a relaxing bath

While it may not be safe for you to vacation right now, you can still create a tranquil environment by lighting some scented candles, putting on a face mask, and taking a relaxing bubble bath. You can even create a playlist of your favorite songs to enjoy during your bath. After your bath, use pH-balanced body lotion to give your skin a boost of moisture and make your body even more relaxed.

Take a walk

This small “treat” is a great way to spend some time alone. You’ll also be getting a light workout and taking in some vitamin D while you’re outside. You can listen to music or your favorite podcast while you walk, and you’ll find that even a brisk walk around the block will improve your mood and give you a burst of energy when you arrive home.

Practice these self-care tips as often as you can to maintain your peace of mind and to remind yourself that you deserve to treat yourself. Even though being a mom comes with several challenges, there are plenty of beautiful moments to savor, and you can enjoy these moments more when you take time to recharge. When you’re fulfilled as a person, you’ll have the mental and physical strength to be the best mom you can be. 

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