Protecting Your Family: The Safest Vehicles and How to Choose Them

How to choose the safest vehicles for your family?

how to choose the safest vehicles

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Vehicle safety is definitely something that every parent thinks about when purchasing a new car. The safety of your family is more important than the look of a car. Luckily, these days we rarely have to sacrifice one for the other, but when it comes to driving your kids, you still want the best of the best.

As a parent, your car is probably a very important part of your life. You may use it to transport your kids to and from school and for family vacations. This article will talk about what exactly makes a car safe, and what are some of the safest midsize SUVs (for parents of multiple children) on the market today.

What makes a car safe?

Just about every year we see a new list of the safest cars on the road. For individuals and families, car safety should be a very important factor in deciding which car to buy. But what in particular makes these cars “the safest cars”? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is just one agency that measures vehicle safety standards, but it tends to be the strictest when it comes to safety. Here are a few things that go into a car receiving a high safety rating.

Crash-test ratings

Cars are tested for a lot of different things before they hit the market. One of those things is something called “crashworthiness”. Cars that receive a five-star crash test rating mean that the risk of occupants in the car receiving injuries is less than 10%, while cars that receive one star have a risk of 40%.

The weight of the car

How much a car weighs might seem insignificant in relation to safety, but it’s been shown that heavier cars are safer. It makes sense when you think about it: if a lighter car and a heavier car collide, the occupants of the heavier car will be better protected.

Center of gravity

Cars that have a lower center of gravity (closer to the ground) are not as likely to roll over in an accident as cars with a higher center of gravity. Unfortunately, many manufacturers don’t advertise their cars’ center of gravity and the probability of flipping over, but there are ways to measure the center of gravity of your car. The key thing to remember is that the higher off the ground your car is, the more likely it is to flip over in an accident.

Other things to consider

Overall, newer cars tend to be safer than older cars. For one, newer cars tend to be made from better materials than they were 20, and even 10 years ago. Newer cars also come with safety features that can help prevent collisions, though this should be used in conjunction with safe driving behaviors. Newer cars tend to cost more and have higher insurance rates, so it’s best to shop around for the best insurance rates, car prices, and financial providers (if necessary) when looking for the best car for your family.

Which cars are the safest?

So which cars are the safest? According to USA Today, the safest midsize SUVs for 2021 (as measured by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) are as follows:

  • Ford Explorer
  • Hyundai Palisade
  • Mazda CX-9
  • Subaru Ascent
  • Toyota Highlander

These differ slightly from the 2020 list, as car improvements can be seen every year. This doesn’t mean that the cars from 2020 are no longer safe (unless noted/recalled by the dealer), so it’s not necessary to purchase a brand new car every year in order to keep your family safe.


Overall, safe driving habits and regular car maintenance contribute to safer roadways. Unfortunately, you can’t control every other driver on the road, but everyone can do their part by paying attention to the road and not trying to rush.

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