3 Tips for Eco-Friendly Cleaning 

3 tips for eco-friendly cleaning.

eco-friendly cleaning tips

Cleaning. We dread it.

The tedious task of scrubbing the counters, organizing mounds of toys that will only appear again in ten minutes, and inhaling all of those chemically fumes from cleaning products… cleaning the house is a task most of us wish we could skip.

And to go along with the task of maintaining the state of your house, there’s also the added expectation of doing it in an eco-friendly way. Luckily for you, doing this is nothing compared to those bathroom floors. Cleaning your home in an eco-friendly way is actually way easier than you think, and can even be done all on your own!

To Celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th, here are 3 tips for eco-friendly cleaning.

Craft your own cleaning solutions

Ditch the harsh, irritating cleaners the next time you clean your home: you can make a solution just as good (if not better) from ingredients in your own home! Between lemons, vinegar, liquid soap, and fresh herbs, you can make both an all-purpose and window cleaner solution in just a few minutes!

But with this hack, you’re not just saving cash. The chemicals and irritants in household cleaners are toxic to not only the environment but to your body! DIY all-natural cleaners are easy, safe, and cost barely anything to make.

Reuse those rags

While throwing out those old scraps of fabric and rags is tempting, these are actually great to have on hand when cleaning the floors. Instead of wasting money (and plastic) on the one-time-use Swiffers, soak an old washcloth/towel scrap in a solution of water, vinegar, and lemon juice. Not only does this save you a couple of extra bucks, but the all-natural cleaning ingredients are non-toxic to the environment (score!).

Pass on paper towels

Did you know that, in the U.S alone, 13 billion pounds of paper towels are thrown away…each year? What may be seen as a harmless, easy way to clean up a spill is actually doing more harm to the environment than good. However, there are tons of alternatives when it comes to paper towels–and they’re cheaper too! For example, next time you clean up a spill, opt for a reusable towel. Beyond that, you can also purchase reusable paper towels that are inexpensive, effective, and will save you a trip to the store every other week.

So, on World Environment Day this year, do your part for the environment by making easy swaps to your daily routine with these eco-friendly cleaning tips – you can even save some money too!

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