Art Prompts for Kids to Foster Creativity

10 art prompts for kids to foster creativity.

art prompts for kids

Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

Getting your child to embrace their creativity has never been easy. Like all other qualities, however, creativity is nurtured, and it is your sole responsibility to bring out the best from that little artist. Luckily, there are plenty of prompts for kids methods that you could borrow from and use as your guideline with your child. Here are some art prompts that will aid you in training your child and give you an idea on how to formulate your customized prompts for your child, depending on their likes and dislikes.

Favorite superheroes

As they grow, children are often obsessed with their superheroes. They want to watch them on TV, get gifts and decorations on their hero’s themes and even draw them. Observe your child and take note of their heroes. Once you are sure of their favorite, ask them to draw that hero and highlight the power they adore most in their superhero. You will be amazed at how perceptive these little children are. Be careful not to harshly judge their choice of heroes or favorite colors since this may interfere with their ease of expression.

Favorite seasons

 Different children prefer different seasons based on their personality or their home locations. Ask your child to draw their favorite season and depict it in the best way they can. Do not limit them to your ideas; instead, let them express the season as they deem fit. 

Best ocean animal

If your child is old enough to distinguish between land and sea animals, you could ask them to draw the ocean animals they love best. This could be anything real or mythical. Do not limit their options. 

Graffiti-inspired designs

Graffiti art can be a great inspiration for young children. You can use the most diverse art and craft materials to achieve an inspirational art design that will bring out the perfect artist in your child. Getting graffiti design inspiration is as simple. They are readily available online as printables that you can offer to your child.

Draw a galaxy

Allow your child to explore their imaginations and perfect their skills by drawing their galaxy. To set them off, ensure that you give them enough resources such as pictures of galaxies. This will stir up their imaginations and give them ideas that will help them grow in their creative artwork.

Halloween themed art

Most children like to dress up for Halloween and the whole “trick or treat” idea. If our child is one of them, you may want to inspire them to do such art. This coil is something as simple as a Jack-O-Lantern painting or even their favorite costume illustration. 

Geometrical drawing

Challenge your child to draw something beautiful by using straight lines only, circles, or squares only. You can even do a combination of all three. Doing this will help them critically view shapes and use them creatively in their artwork.

Draw your favorite food

Food is almost every child’s inspiration. What is your child’s favorite food? It could act as an art prompt. Ask your child to draw their favorite food without limiting them to a specific meal. It could be a slice of pizza, a bowl of spaghetti, or even a Thanksgiving turkey. 

Objectize the alphabet

If every letter of the alphabet was a distinct object, what would that object be? Ask your child to draw out each letter of the alphabet as an object and see what they will come up with. You could start with an example, such as drawing the letter ‘A’ like a tent.

Birthday parties

Children love parties. They love their birthday parties even more. You could use your child’s love for parties by asking them to draw their ideal party. Some of the things in that picture should be their dream birthday cake, the guests present, and gifts they would love.

The most important tip

Prompting the artist in your young one can be very tasking. It requires patience and understanding on your side. The most important thing of all is to be supportive even when your child messes up. Remember that art is not about perfection. It is about expression. There is no right or wrong way to do art.  

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