7 Outdoor Chores for Kids to Teach them New Skills

7 outdoor chores for kids to teach them new skills.

outdoor chores for kids

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If it’s the parents’ responsibility to manage the household, do you think kids should have chores? Definitely. Kids gain a lot from doing chores or any small task. Household tasks are beneficial learning opportunities for them. Giving them chores doesn’t mean you’re taking out their opportunity to “just be kids”. You’re actually helping them learn about life skills that will be useful later in their lives. You’re teaching them responsibility and self-reliance. You’re building a strong work ethic in them. Most importantly, giving them chores help you create special moments or a chance to bond with your kids.

Among the chores that can help get your kids in the habit of doing chores are those that can be done outside the house. These chores will get them out of the couch, away from their gadgets, and into the fresh air. Here are a few examples of outdoor chores that you can let your kids do for them to learn new skills.  

Pulling the weeds

While this task can be a pain in the back for adults, this can be a good time for the kids. They are more flexible and may see the task as a simple playtime. Just make sure to tell them which one to pull out. Teach them which are weeds and which are not. If the whole family will do this, pulling out weeds can easily be done. 

Sweeping the porch or lawn

When you just have mowed your lawn, call your kids out. Ask them to sweep off the clippings. Or is the porch dirty? You can tell them to clean it out. Sweeping is an easy chore that most kids can do. If you want them to love this task more, you can get a kid-sized broom that fits them well. Although they can get messier at first, they will become better at it as they do it regularly. Just follow up their sweeping if you think it still needs another round of it.

Watering plants

If you have asked professionals to do landscaping in Wollongong, don’t expect them to visit your house every day to water the plants they landscaped for you. It’s now your job as a homeowner. Plants need water to flourish. As they grow and blossom, you’re protecting the investment you make in the landscaping service. The good news is that you can involve your kids in doing this. You can also let them be in charge of this task. Not only can it give you a break, but it can be a fun time for the kids to hold the hose, splatter water around, and get wet while watering the growing plants. 

Cleaning out the garage

How often do you clean out your garage? Tidying up the garage and organizing what you have out there can be daunting. But why don’t make it a family bonding time? Whilst you’re ticking out a task on your to-do list, kids may enjoy sorting out items and even find the toys they have been looking for for so long.

Washing cars

Washing your car is easy if you have the whole family with you. Don’t you think it’s time they learn how to clean your car? You shouldn’t worry about the mess they might cause. Instead, think about what they can get out of doing it. They will learn how to care for their belongings. 

Planting vegetables or flowers

Let the kids get dirty while gardening with you. They may not even think of it as a chore. Planting vegetables or flowers and seeing them grow is a learning experience for the kids. You can let them clean up the bed or dig out holes for the seed. Let them put the bulb, seed or branch of what you’re growing so they will feel that they’re really part of it. When they see these plants or seeds grow, they will take pride in their chores.

Shoveling the walkway or driveway

Assigning chores to your kids can also be based on the season. If you’re living in a cold climate, you probably need help with snow removal. And this is the perfect task for your little ones. Ask them to shovel the walkway or driveway with you. You can prepare smaller-sized shovels for them as you won’t expect them to use what you’re using.

After some minutes of shoveling the white blanket with you, your kids may then become more interested in building their tower or snowman. It’s ok. They don’t need to expertly clean the walkway or driveway. What’s better is that they enjoy the experience and treasure it.

While it’s important for kids to be kids, they also need to have some chores to do so they will learn essential life skills. However, before you give them any task, make sure that it’s safe for them. These outdoor chores are not only safe but are also easy to do. You should also supervise them or at least ask someone from your household to watch over them while they’re at their tasks. Kids may not do the chores you assigned them perfectly, but it’s alright. These outdoor chores are a great learning process for them. 

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