8 Eco-Friendly Baby Products To Add To Your Registry

8 eco-friendly baby products to add to your registry.

eco-friendly baby products

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You want to give your baby the very best start possible. This means using the safest products available. Eco-friendly baby products not only are a safer option for your newborn, but they are also helping the environment. As you start to think about your registry, think about eco-friendly items to include. Here are 8 eco-friendly baby products to add to your registry.

Baby bottles: Phillips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottles

Did you know that some baby bottles can emit plastic into the food and drinks that your baby will eat from them? The Phillips Avent eliminates that because of the glass material they are made from. They are meant to prevent breaking and make cleaning a more sterilized process.

Cleaning naturally: The Force of Nature

Heavy fumes and harmful cleaning solutions make it tough to clean around your newborn. The Force Of Nature Cleaning and Sanitizing System uses three natural Ingredients: vinegar, salt, and water. When combines, these three make an excellent cleaner that not only cleans but disinfects. The Force Of nature can kill 99.9 percent of germs, even ones that cause COVID-19. You can spray this on anything that your baby will touch without worrying about them having a reaction or getting sick.

Bamboo clothing: Kickee Pants Layette Gown

Bamboo is a natural material your baby will love on their skin. The gentleness of the bamboo will soothe them and make them feel comforted throughout the day and night. The best part of the kickee pants is how easy it is to change your baby’s diapers in this. Since the bottom is open, there is no hassle with buttons or straps. Just pull up the gown and get down to business.

These are for boys and girls. Plus, they come with a cute hat to match.

Soft, smooth skin: Kiss Kiss Goodnight

Your baby’s skin is so delicate. It is very important that you pay attention to what is going on it. Kiss Kiss Goodnight lotion is excellent for babies suffering from eczema and other dry skin ailments. The whole line of Kiss Kiss Goodnight products is plant-based and has botanicals that are gentle. You can use their products for a wide variety of things such as diaper rash and cradle cap. It could be a great makeup remover, too.

Caboo Tree-Free Baby Wipes

There is an eco-friendly way to change your baby’s bottom. With the Caboo Tree-Free Baby Wipes, you can cut out the use of the regular wipes, which use so many trees with each baby wipe. These are different. They are made from bamboo spun lace and enriched with chamomile flower, Vitamin E, and aloe leaf.

Parasol diapers

Disposable diapers are a huge chunk of landfill holes. There are alternatives, though. Parasol diapers are made in California and use fabrics from plant-based materials. They give your baby an added protection called Rashshield and have a medical-grade cloth. You don’t have to bother with chemicals against your baby’s bottom. Don’t worry about it not comparing to disposable diapers, though. It exceeds expectations.

Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm

Even when you are using all organic and eco-friendly products, diaper rash can still happen. Luckily, there are organic diaper rash creams to cure it quickly and safely. Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm has ingredients that are all organic yet are still very effective to treat and prevent diaper rashes.

Tubby Todd

The gift set gives you a sample of the best products in their line. It is for the hair and body, without toxic chemicals used in other baby washes and shampoos. It is fragranced with materials that are aromatic and natural. The gift set includes lotion, bubble bath. Hair and body wash, and an ointment for all over the body.


Keeping your baby within an eco-friendly lifestyle is doable. You don’t have to settle for products that are harmful to both your baby and the environment. Many people are realizing the importance of using bio-degradable products and all-natural washes. Adding these things to your baby registry will encourage everyone to be on board with your efforts to have your baby use only things that are free of chemicals or harmful ingredients and will help, not hurt the ecosystem.

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