5 Easy Ways to Child-Proof Your Home

5 easy ways to child-proof your home.

child proof home

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When you are preparing to have a new child, there are many steps that are involved to ensure that your child remains safe and happy. There is so much more to it than just ensuring that you have the right amount of diapers and that you have picked out the perfect theme for the nursery. You need to keep your child safe from the hazards that do exist in your home so that they do not become injured. You can find five ways in the list below that you can childproof your home so that your baby or young child is always safe.

Install baby gates

When you are home alone or when your partner and you are both busy, it can be difficult to have an eye on your child at all times. This is especially true when the baby starts to walk or crawl, maybe even in a way that is too quick for you to keep up with. Install baby gates over all entrances to stairs or even in front of entrances to the outdoors. You can also use baby gates at the entrance of any room you do not want your child to go into without you.

Keep weapons out of reach

The most dangerous objects that you have in your home are the weapons that your child can accidentally injure him or herself with or even others. Purchase a gun or a rifle safe that has a combination on it that only you know so that your children cannot access them. Place knives in a cabinet that is too high for your children to reach, and consider placing them in a cabinet that is too high even when your children are on a stool. Keep lighters and matches in a high-up cabinet as well so that there are no burn injuries either.

Put locks on the cabinet

The next step that you can take to childproof your home is to put locks on the cabinet. This will further aid too in ensuring that your children cannot access the knives or lighters that are stored away in them. You can use cabinet locks that loop around the handles of the cabinet that are difficult for children to pry open without the help of an adult. There are also locks that go on the inside of the door that have to be pressed down gently by someone who knows how to access them.

Outlet covers

You probably know that if you stick your finger in the hole on an outlet, you are likely to get electrocuted. You do not want this to happen to your child, and you probably do not want them to have to learn the hard way either. You can get a plug-in outlet cover that just goes into the holes as the most simple solution to this problem. There are also outlet covers that go over the entirety of the plate with a door that you can open that is too strong for children to be able to do so.

Softer furniture and corner covers

You probably have pieces of furniture in your home that your child can easily bump into when they start walking. Consider replacing small pieces of furniture if you cannot afford a full overhaul with a softer option. You could replace a coffee table made from wood, for instance, with an ottoman that is made from cloth and padded materials. If you cannot afford these replacements, you can also invest in corner covers that you should place over any edges that your child may bump into.

Final thoughts

It is difficult to find the balance between being an overprotective parent and being one that cares about the wellbeing of your child. One way that you can find this balance is to childproof your home so that you can minimize the risk of potential injury. This is especially true as your child begins to explore on his or her own and is moving by themselves through crawling or walking. These steps are sure to prevent any unnecessary injuries so that everyone feels happy and safe without a cause for you to over worry.

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