5 Tips for Styling Your Children in 2021

How to style your children in 2021?

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Your children deserve to be just as fashionable as you are, and this can come by following some of the latest trends in children’s fashion. You can style your children according to any of these trends, dependent on the style that you feel the most naturally drawn to over the rest. The styles for the year 2021 range from very cutesy to almost more grunge in the way that parents are choosing to dress their children. You can find five tips on the list below to help you style any of your children, no matter their genders, in the year 2021.

Get vintage

With the importance of being more sustainable with the environment, there is an added importance for parents to follow this sustainable living even with their children and in their fashion choices. Many of the top fashion-forward people in the world are showcasing the importance of thrifting and of wearing items from previous decades in a stylistic way. This has led some designers to create vintage-style children’s clothing that has hints of the previous decades found when purchasing secondhand clothing. There is almost a style for any decade that you can think of, ranging even from the early 1900s to even the 1980s and 1990s.

Family look styling

For the year 2021, there are children’s outfits that are considered to be family look styled, meaning they match someone else in the family. You can find sibling outfits where each piece contains the same colors or the same cues from certain trends or styles. There are also matched outfits for mom and daughter, such as a bow that each member of the family can wear or a matching dress. You can even find matching sets for sons and fathers with a tie, a button-down shirt, or even a full outfit from head to toe.

Bright colors

Do not be afraid to incorporate bright colors into your child’s wardrobe, no matter the pattern that exists. Some of the most popular colors utilized in the year 2021 include yellow, blue, mint, green, coral, and even bright red, which may be the most obvious of the choices. Each of these colors is available on both boys’ and girls’ clothing as well so that your children can wear whatever color that they like. There are even unisex options when considering shorts, shirts, and even sets that any of your children can wear at any time.

Animal print

If you have a baby girl, animal print is coming back in a massive way for the year 2021. Leopard print is the most common animal print that is available, and you can even find matching pairs of leggings for you and your daughter to wear together. There are a variety of colors available for these animal prints as well, most of which are not natural according to what the animal actually looks like. There may even be embroidery on the leopard prints as patchwork is coming back in style more than ever for this year.


The final styling tip for your children, especially for your boys in the year 2021, is that clothing should have printed. You can find shirts for your boys that look very similar to adult shirts with many of the same prints, whether you are looking for a dress shirt or a t-shirt. Some of the most popular prints include stripes, floral patterns, blocked-out styling, and so much more. There is not a very large presence of cartoon characters or other pop culture creations on children’s clothing or the year 2021 as there is a focus on more grown-up looks.

Final thoughts

YOu have the ability to encourage your children to be just as stylish as you are when you put in place the right ideas and trends. Encourage the use of animal prints, graphic prints, and even embroidery this year. Do not be afraid to match with your children to make siblings match when going to a special event as this is all the rage for the year 2021. There is also a certain detail to vintage styling, so do not be afraid to give it a try if you have the chance to do so.

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