Summer 2021 Baby Style Guide

Summer 2021 baby style guide.

baby style guide

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Dressing up your newborn, especially for the first trips outside to meet your friends and relations, can be an exciting time. You will be given plenty of gifts of clothing from loved ones, and you will probably have stocked up yourself before your little boy or girl arrives.

Babies and parents these days have far more options available to them when it comes to clothing and accessories. With so much choice it is sometimes easy to forget there are types of baby clothes every mom should own and practicality is as important as fashion. With that said, there are also plenty of options for adding some style to your new arrival’s wardrobe.

Here are some ideas for making sure your baby is wrapped up properly for cooler days, can breathe easily on warm summer days, and generally looks like the most stylish baby in the park. 

Dressing your newborn for a trip out in the big world

While your baby might not appreciate the styles and colors you have chosen, he or she will appreciate being comfortable and not too hot or cold.

While the summer weather will hopefully be a time of blue skies and sunshine, there will also be days when it is a little cooler. Making sure your baby is at the right temperature is important and they can’t tell you so you will need to know how to plan trips with a newborn properly.

If it is a chillier day then you can make sure your baby is warm by using soft layers of clothing or blankets. Blankets and cardigans are always good because if the baby is looking too hot then you can easily remove them. When you are juggling a buggy, your bags, and yourself, you don’t want to be trying to add or remove layers such as t-shirts. Cardigans are easily added and removed and look good.

When judging how hot your baby is, look for signs such as sweating and flushed cheeks. Check your baby’s temperature by putting your hand on their neck, head, and stomach. Damp hair and heat rashes are another sign they are overheating. 

Choosing the right clothes for summer days

Babies overheating can lead to serious and fatal issues such as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and the right approach to clothing can help avoid this. When your child is in the buggy avoid toys or other items that might impede their breathing, and don’t overdress them.

These days, there are some very stylish baby clothing that will help protect your child on hot, sunny, summer days. Children’s skin is thin and delicate and babies even more so. It is crucial that they have protection from the sun and you can do this with clothing and accessories.

Baby hats look cute but they also provide precious protection from the sun’s rays. Even better, there are now fabulous and stylish sun-suits for babies and swim-suits or 3-piece swim sets for toddlers.

Mott50 and SwimZip not only make stylish baby and toddler clothes for the summer, they include UPF50 sun protection. Dermatologists suggest using sun-protective clothing along with sunscreen to protect your child’s delicate skin.

Materials are also important

While you want your child to look stylish, you need to consider what materials are best too. Many synthetic materials may seem appealing at first but they can cause a range of problems.

Babies and toddlers often suffer from children’s allergies, with eczema being a common problem. The material you choose can irritate your baby’s skin and it might not be good for the environment either. Synthetic materials will stop your baby’s skin from breathing and they won’t absorb sweat.

Use natural materials only if possible, except for wool as this can scratch a baby’s soft skin. Hemp, organic cotton, linen, and if you are not vegan, silk, are all ideal for babies with eczema, although you should check your soap too. The laundry detergent could be causing your baby’s eczema so stick with hypoallergenic soap to ease symptoms. 

The most stylish accessories

Trying to dress a baby stylishly and make sure they are not too hot or cold, and comfortable can be very tricky. You want to take your beautiful new arrival out into the world, and instead of dressing them in that new gown you bought, you are worried about sun protection, the right material, and if they will be too hot.

Fortunately, you can add a bit more style to your baby with some accessories that are easy to remove if he or she gets too warm or decides that they aren’t so keen on your choices. Depending on how old your child is, there are many cool beanies and hats in baby stores now, and it seems that babies have more options than adults do sometimes. Floppy sun hats, warm beanies, flat caps, baseball caps, and of course, wooly hats with bobbles and ears are all available online or in retail stores.

Stripy leggings and socks are not only practical but can look very cute on your baby. If you are fed up with losing socks, you can get non-slip ankle socks or buy onesies with built-in ‘feet’.

On the subject of what to put on your baby’s feet, there are some wonderful options now. 

What to put on your baby’s feet

Baby’s feet, much like the rest of them, are delicate. They contain no bones at all and are made up of what is a bit like soft cartilage. Bones are only formed later, and this provides a conundrum of what to put on your child’s feet.

At home, the best option is often to leave them barefoot, but this presents two issues. One is warmth as babies lose heat through their feet, and the second is if there is anything on the floor that might accidentally hurt them.

Two stylish ways to avoid these problems indoors or out are anti-slip socks and soft moccasins. If you take your baby on a trip outside and are big enough to stand and take steps then my favorite baby moccs would include BirdRock and Freshly Picked moccasins.

Tight-fitting shoes are harmful to a child’s foot development so socks and soft moccasins are good choices. Baby moccs stay on the feet but don’t restrict the foot and they are soft but durable. This combination provides comfort, warmth, and protection for when your baby is learning to explore the space around them or just enjoying a ride in their buggy.

If your child is learning to walk then some stylish anti-slip socks can help prevent any falls and look great at the same time. Rative produces boys’ and girls’ socks in a range of colors and designs that would make any child stand out in a crowd. 


A happy baby is already well on the way to being a stylish one. Choosing materials that keep your child cool in the summer along with some of the great designs available will mean you have a relaxed, happy child who looks great.

The right materials will mean that they are protected from the sun and avoid allergies such as eczema. Accessories such as stylish flat caps and soft moccasins can bring an outfit to life while ensuring your baby is happy and content.

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