Creative Ways to Plan your Bathroom renovation

How to plan your bathroom renovation in creative ways?

bathroom renovation in creative ways

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The bathroom is like a sanctuary or haven because it is one of those rooms in the home where you can indeed be alone and collect your thoughts. This is why it is of utmost importance to pay maximum attention to all details when renovating your bathroom. When renovating your bathroom, you must do so with the goal of not just creating a room to shower. You must be creative and strive to ensure that your newly renovated bathroom is energy efficient, spacious, and matches well with the pre-existing design of your home’s interior. 

Choose the right light

There are various things to consider for the creative renovation of your bathroom, and one of them is your choice of lights. Gone are the days of incandescent light bulbs because they consume a lot of energy and are not as stylish. Nowadays, the best choice for lights in your bathroom is LED lights, as they consume less energy compared to incandescent bulbs. They are also brighter, and the brighter your bathroom, the larger it looks. It is best to use a pendant LED light. Good lighting also exhibits the materials used for your renovation beautifully. Do not forget that natural lighting is the best form of lighting, therefore renovate your room to allow as inasmuch natural light as possible. Moreover, if you want to grow plants inside, you can make use of LED grow lights that mimic sunlight and help your plants thrive. 

Add more storage space

Another creative way to plan your bathroom renovation is by adding more storage space. For most people, storage is the primary reason why they are renovating their bathroom. For bathrooms that are not spacious, storage becomes even more critical. Ensure the storage space used for bathroom vanities and cabinets doesn’t eat up space for movement; otherwise, it will create obstacles on your way to the bathroom. Some creative storage hacks for your bathroom include mounting a towel rack, hanging basket shelves, magnetic strips to hold your nail clippers and tweezers, an adhesive hook to hold your tools, etc. 

Think about the flooring 

Now that you have made plans to add more storage space to your bathroom, the next creative step in your renovation plan is to change the flooring of your bathroom. Tiles are the best option for a  bathroom floor. Use ceramic tile floors as they have more texture and prevent you from slipping while in the bathroom. However, the most practical and popular flooring option nowadays is heated floors. They are easy to sustain, attractive, and most importantly, these floors can be heated. Bathroom floors are known to get quite cold, but heated floors use an electronic system to warm the floor and keep it warm. Although heated floors are a luxury, it is not too expensive to add to your bathroom. 

Check your bathroom ventilation 

While picking the right type of floor will prevent you from slipping, another crucial fact that will ensure that your bathroom renovation lasts for a long time is your bathroom ventilation. Proper bath ventilation will ensure that the expensive upgrades installed in your newly renovated bathroom last longer, protect your window from being covered by fog, and ensure that mold and mildew do not appear in your bathroom continuously. Some of the ways that you can ventilate your bathroom are installing a passive vent, ensuring there is space between your door and the floor, and insulating your floor and exterior wall. 

Examine your water heater

Also, to complement your bathroom floor, you can upgrade your shower by changing the color of your shower tiles to match your floor tiles. You can also buy a walk-in shower as they are more comfortable than most other types of showers. How about a water heater? Water heaters are essential for every home because they are very functional and provide you with more sanitary water. If you are in need of high-quality water heaters make sure to do the right research before buying one. If renovation seems like a lot of work for you and not worth it to complete, then maybe you should check for ways to sell your home for cash and start looking for a new one. 

Final thoughts

Lastly, do not forget that your bathroom is your private space, and you must make it as comfortable and intimate as you can. Infuse all the factors discussed above, and you would have added a creative touch to your renovated bathroom.

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