10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the DIY Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we are here to help you pick the perfect gift for your DIY Dad! You can give your dad tools for a specific project or grill equipment to help with his post-project meal.

gifts for DIY dad

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Here are 10 gift ideas to get you started on gifting your dad something he will love this Father’s Day.

Essential tools

Your dad may seem to have it all especially if he is a DIY guy but while that old, rusty hammer or hatchet gets the job done for him, he may appreciate some of his essential tools being refreshed! Below, is an idea to enhance this gift even further with personalized tools.

Specific tools

If the dad you’re looking for a gift for is into a specific trade or is working on a certain project, get him a gift geared toward that! Working on a plumbing project? Get him some pipe threading tools to help him get the job done more easily and efficiently!

Grill accessories

Every dad needs a nice, grilled meal after he is finished working on his DIY projects and grill accessories are always a welcomed, useful gift. New tongs, a grill brush, a cover, or a whole new grill kit make great gifts that he will be able to use for many BBQ seasons to come.

DIY apparel

Non-slip work boots or shoes, t-shirts to paint in, and a tool belt are just a few DIY apparel ideas for you to give your dad this Father’s Day. You should try to find him practical yet functional apparel options for any project.

Personalized gifts

Most things can be personalized and that includes your Dad’s tools and DIY gear. Upgrade your dad’s tools, apparel, and grill accessories by getting them personalized with his name or, “Dad,” to give them a special touch! If your gift does not have the option of coming personalized, look for a local engraving shop to add this on after you have purchased the item.

Heavy-duty cleaning supplies

DIY projects more often than not create a mess that may require more than just your under-the-counter cleaning supplies. Along with some tools in general or for his current projects, consider adding on some heavy-duty cleaning supplies to clean up any unwanted traces of the work. Extra points if you put on some gloves and help with the clean-up process when the time comes!

Massage equipment

While this gift may not directly relate to the work or project your dad may be working on, he will be thrilled to be able to sit back in a massage chair or grab a quick at-home foot massage after his work is done for the day. Tons of massage equipment can be easily ordered online depending on your budget and what would be most suitable for your dad. Various luxury massage chairs ensure full relaxation after physical labor. They’re designed with cushioning that supports the body in providing relief to sore muscles.

Safety equipment

DIY projects can be fun and enjoyable but everyone wants to keep Dad safe while he is doing them. From safety glasses to non-slip shoes, there are a ton of different safety precautions that can be taken depending on the project and your dad will feel happy that you are looking out for him.

Car accessories

Most DIY Dads also like to tinker with their cars. You can give your dad specific car parts or even something as simple as a car wash kit. Car mats and seat covers are also a great gift for a dad that may not have the chance to have chance to clean up during a DIY project before hopping in their car to run out for more parts or tools to finish what they’re working on.

Gift cards

Still, stumped on what to get your DIY Dad? A gift card to your local home improvement store is the perfect way to support his hobbies and let him get the tools or accessories he wants for himself!

Regardless of what you choose to give your dad this Father’s Day, he will be happy with the support for his DIY projects. Don’t forget if all else fails, a home improvement store gift card is the perfect gift for any handyman!

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