Fun and Crafty Activities for Kids at Home

Fun and crafty activities for kids at home.

crafty activities for kids

Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

Now we know kids get bored super quick. They jump from activity to activity every day (or what seems like every five minutes!). Providing a list of just a handful of things to do will keep them busy for a couple of hours, tops. That’s no good. To give the average mom or dad a little bit of breathing space, here’s a hefty list of ten fun and crafty activities to keep your kids entertained, learning new things, and busy

Friendship bracelet, DIY style 

If you went camping as a kid, you know all about sitting around the fire and making friendship bracelets. This activity deserves top billing, as it’s cheap, lets your child explore their creativity, and in the end, the bracelet is given to someone who is important to them. Overall, one of the best bang-for-your-buck art activities you can do with your child. 


Sewing, embroidery, and needlepoint are all crafts that kids as young as 4 can do! Embroidery is a relaxing and meditative activity that can train your children’s brain, help them with concentration and provide a sense of calm after a crazy day. What do you need for this project? Some yarn, embroidery floss, and kid-safe needles. If you are not an expert embroidered, use some embroidery kits to involve your kids in the craft.

Craft a family tree 

Kids are always asking about their uncles, cousins, second cousins, you get the drift. It can get a little confusing, even for adults. The answer? Craft a family tree together! It’s a nice way for your children to get to know their ancestry as well. 

Glow in the dark bubbles 

Glow in the dark bubbles, seems like something that would require a special ingredient, right? But nope. All that is required is run-of-the-mill bubbles and the ink from your average Sharpie highlighter. Sharpies are really easy to take apart, and this is an important detail, as you don’t want this stuff to spill all over the place. 

You’re going to need 2 Sharpies for every 100oz of bubble juice (I’m not sure what the official name for this is!). Just use an old Coke bottle or similar for mixing, and leave it in there for 24 hours or so. Once that’s done, decant the liquid into the smaller bottles. Considering that the pre-made stuff is ridiculously expensive, this process is a nice low-cost alternative. 

It’s time for slime! 

Making your very own slime is easy, you don’t need to try and buy it pre-made. The OG slime that started all the fun requires just a few basic ingredients and you can make it in pretty much any kitchen. 

Slime lets your imagination run wild, and it’s excellent for helping kids build their motor skills. The instructions for OG slime are pretty simple, and I’d definitely recommend going for coloring and add-ons like sprinkles. 

Felt bookmarks with elastic wrapping 

Some kids have never been big readers; they need a little bit of encouragement to get going and build good habits. These bookmarks can help, even if just a little. All you need is some felt material, perhaps a pair of googly eyes, and an elastic wrapper that you can attach your creation to. 

Monsters or tissue box? 

Don’t rip up your used tissue boxes for recycling just yet. Instead, turn them into tissue box monsters! Simple to make, and surprisingly fun as well. It’s great to use materials you’d be throwing out anyway! 

Paint the outside, use the hole as a mouth (with bits of cardboard for teeth), a few googly eyes (from e.g. Michaels), and use pom-poms as a game. Younger kids love trying to get as many of the pom poms (snacks) into the mouths of the monsters. 

Firefly in a bottle 

These have been an absolute hit in many households. They’re super cute and glow in the dark! You’d think they’re complicated to make, but you’d be surprised just how simple it is. You’ll need old small water or pop bottles, pipe cleaners, some tissue paper, standard glow sticks, googly eyes, foam sheets, glue, a bottle of Mod Podge, and a foam brush. 

Cut the tissue paper into small 1-inch strips, no bigger. Then you’ll need to brush a small layer of that Mod Podge on the middle of the pop bottle. The tissue paper goes over the Mod Podge, all around. Once done, another layer of Mod Podge. Use the pipe cleaners to make legs and the antenna for the firefly, and the foam sheets as wings. You know what to do with the googly eyes, and then finish off by inserting the glow stick inside. Done! 

Turtles from old egg cartons 

You’re going to love these so much they’ll end up on your desk at the office. They’re absolutely adorable. You’ll need some paint, pom-poms, and the ever-present googly eyes (just buy a bunch of these on Amazon, trust me!). Oh, and of course the bottom of the old egg cartons, which make up the shell of the wee turtles. 

DIY race track 

All you need is washi tape, that’s it. No mess, low cost. You can get really creative with this sticky little product, including using household items or furniture as obstacles for the track. And once you’re done, you can get rid of all the evidence very quickly! If you have any Lego or Duplo blocks, use them to build a city backdrop for the track. 

Foam painting 

Food coloring + basic glue + shaving cream = foam paint delight. Warning: unlike the race track, this one can get very messy. But it’s just so much fun that it couldn’t be left off the list. Mix the ingredients together in equal parts in a ziplock bag or similar, and squish. 

Paint onto something that’s a little more rigid than regular paper, like white cardboard. Suggestion: get the kids to draw something with a pencil or crayons, and they foam paint over the required sections. Let this dry overnight and you’ll have a fantastic piece of art the next day. 

And there’s so much more…!

Hopefully, this list has given you a fair few ideas about what you can do with your kids when the summer vacation starts (or, you know, any normal weekend). As the list shows, you don’t need to purchase expensive crafts to make something fun and exciting. Plus, your kids will be just happy to have something to do on a rainy afternoon! 

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