Important Questions That You Need To Ask To A Painter

If you want to paint your house then you have to consider few factors for a painter. Whether you require to paint the entire house or one room or just 1 wall in a room, you need to hire a professional painting company or a painter for the same.

choose the best painter

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How would you choose the best painter? 

There are many painters available in the market, some with good experience and some new in the field, asking the right questions will help you get the best man for the job. Here we have compiled a list of questions for you to ask a painter during the interview process.

Do I need to prepare the room?

Many painters or painting companies provide prep services before they start painting. They will also help you move the furniture out of the room, cover them with plastic sheets, lay down the drop cloth, tape the necessary places that do not require paint on, place edges to avoid the paint from touching the furniture that’s cannot be moved.  You cannot prepare your rooms for painting because you need to invest a week to move your furniture from your rooms. In this case, you can hire a professional painting service and they will help you to cover your furniture to start the renovating project. 

Who will clean up after work?

There are some painting services available that can clean up the area at the end of the day so that if you wish to access the room you can easily do without worrying about the paint fallen on the floor or the painting tools lying around. They make sure to stack everything in a corner so that it does not cause any kind of accident. They will clean up the house thoroughly post the entire painting job. So you can use your room right after your painting work done. 

Do you provide free home inspection and consultation?

In order to understand how much time will the painting work take to finish, what kind of paint job is required, the areas that need to be painted, what type of paint will be required, how many painters will be required to complete the job, etc. many painters or painting companies provide free consultation and free home visit for the inspection. This helps them to make the final decision and you can ask for a quote from two to three painting services to choose an affordable one.

How much time will it take to complete the work?

Based on their initial inspection and a home visit, they will be able to provide you with an estimate. You can sign a contract with the painters and they will include their terms, payment mode, and duration of the project in their agreement. No professional painter or painting company will ever give you the exact number of days. So it can take few days extra and you have to give this extra time to achieve the best painting finishes. It is a creative field and painters can take some time to finish their work.

Do you have liability insurance?

Any registered and licensed painting company requires to have liability insurance. This insurance is for any damage caused to you or your property during the painting job will be covered by the insurance company. This also ensures that if there is an accident while the painter performs their job you will not be liable for their medical expenses, the insurance company will take care of them.

There are many more questions that you can ask the painter or the painting company like ask them to show their previous work, payment terms, is the price quoted negotiable, their number of years in the field, the average experience of the painters, will there be a supervisor on site every day. 

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