Top 6 Ways For Being A Stylish Mom Without Sacrificing Comfort

How to be a stylish mom without sacrificing comfort?

being a stylish mom

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Motherhood and stylishness go great in movies, while in reality, being a mom is less elegant, and more everything else. However, with a bit of readjusting it’s possible to be a super fashionable mom, without looking too unnatural or over prepped. 

The key to pulling this off lies in the fact that you should not sacrifice your own comfort, especially if dealing with kids or running errands. That’s why many mothers get discouraged from pursuing a more stylish look, and in reality, that’s much easier than it seems. Therefore, in order to help you through, here are some amazing tips that will show you how to be a stylish mom, and still feel comfortable and cozy.

Your footwear matters the most

If you tend to be on your feet all day, running from one place to another, then it’s crucial to make sure that the footwear you wear is comfortable, so you won’t end up injuring yourself. Luckily, sneakers are back in fashion, and if you choose the right pair, you can totally look fancy in them. 

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If sneakers are not your thing, and you don’t want to wear Ugg-like boots, then you can opt for chunkier heels, but make sure that the shoes are fitting, and comfortable, so you will not have to deal with blisters. If you’re interested in a minimalist wardrobe, then starting with your shoes is definitely a great idea. 

A big scarf solves the problem

If the weather is not warm enough for short slides, yet is still too hot for a jacket, a big and stylish scarf will definitely solve the problem. Simply, just choose a beautiful, patterned scarf of your choice and wrap it around your shoulders, You can pair that with a lovely tote bag, or even the aforementioned sneakers. Also, if you’re unsure about the scarf as a clothing piece, feel free to opt for a cardigan instead. Both of these suggestions are amazing solutions if you’re too busy to look for something more elaborate. 

Wear clothes that look pretty and stylish

This doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole new wardrobe, but rather that, if you want to look fashionable, you should own and wear clothes that look pretty and can be easily matched with anything else that’s in your closet. For example, wearing a tracksuit isn’t a problem, as long as you pair it with a nice matching t-shirt or a hoodie. They don’t have to be from the same collection, however, you should pay attention to colors and patterns when combining different clothing items. 

Be fashionable even when at home

Just because you happen to be at home, doesn’t mean you don’t have to be stylish. Sure, maybe getting ready isn’t your first go-to activity, but combining some elegance and comfort will definitely help you feel good even at home. Choosing elegant fluffy sheepskin slippers as your home footwear is a great idea, as they’re eco-friendly, durable, and comfortable. Indoor footwear matters a lot, especially if you’re used to running around, taking care of the household all while standing on your feet. 

Take care of your hair and skin

Your hair, skin, and nails can speak a lot about you, so it’s important to take care of them regularly. You don’t need perfectly manicured nails if that’s not your thing, but make sure that they’re trimmed and clean. The same goes for your hair: if blow-drying is too much work, you can always opt for a loose braid or a messy bun. As for the skin, well, that depends on your preferences: do you enjoy applying makeup every day? If yes, then feel free to continue with that. However, if the notion of makeup makes you annoyed, then make sure to invest in a simple, yet effective skincare routine, and possibly, choose a tinted moisturizer to cover blemishes and imperfections. 

Keep things simple

If you keep things simple, you’ll be able to make the best adjustments. Therefore, a regular t-shirt and mom jeans will be a perfect outfit choice, as that’s a pretty straightforward, yet fashionable idea. Remember that you don’t need to spend endless hours shopping for clothes, as long as you opt for simple, neutral pieces that are easy to match with something more glamorous.


Every mom deserves to look fancy without compromising her personal comfort and wellbeing. These tips will help you get started, and keep in mind that you’re the one who makes the rules, so be sure to choose clothes, footwear, and cosmetics that will help you feel good and make the best out of your day.

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