Tips for Planning a Fun and Relaxing Family Vacation

How to plan a fun and relaxing family vacation?

fun and relaxing family vacation

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Summer vacation season is upon us. This means that many families are already brainstorming ways that they can make the most out of this time to get away and connect with loved ones. Now is the time to begin thinking about how your next family vacation can be the best one yet.  Whether you decide to go on a grand canyon and hoover dam tour or go to the ocean, here are five of the best tips if planning a fun and relaxing family vacation is your ultimate goal.

Leaves room for spontaneity

While some sort of advance planning will surely make the trip go off as smoothly as possible, you will also feel under the gun to get everything done if you do not leave wiggle room in your itinerary. You will likely enjoy the most relaxing vacation if you strike the proper balance between some planning and enough room for spontaneity. This is particularly important if you are traveling with young kids. Adopting an attitude that not everything will go as planned on your trip will ensure that everything meets your expectations.

Plan your bucket list activities around crowds

Nothing can zap your trip energy faster than having to deal with masses of crowds. This makes it a no-brainer to do everything that you can to avoid the crowds while on your trip. Hordes of people will only raise your stress levels and make it more challenging to enjoy your time. For example, if you are visiting a place that is popular with locals, it is a good idea to go during the week when they are at work or in school. Save the least-traveled attractions for the weekend. Most local guidebooks will also give helpful advice about the best time to visit the most popular attractions at your destination.

Have a plan in place for meals

Having a plan for your meals can also go a long way in helping to support a restful trip. While you do not need to lock in every meal, be sure to make reservations for the places that you will know will be difficult to get into at the last minute. You do not want to find everyone in your family starving with no suitable available dining options. Breakfast can also be a stress-inducing experience if you do not have a plan in place. Choosing lodging accommodations with a free breakfast or a condo or cabin with a kitchen will make it easier to fuel up and get on your way without the added stress of having to hunt down breakfast.

Pick the best destination for your goals

The best way to ensure that your family is able to truly unwind on vacation is to choose a destination that promotes relaxation. You cannot expect to have a relaxing trip if you choose a vacation spot that promotes a sense of hurried busyness. For example, if rest and relaxation are your plans, you probably want to avoid a theme park or big city vacation.

Conversely, choosing a vacation destination that supports and encourages relaxation will ensure that you return home feeling refreshed and ready to take on life. A Gatlinburg vacation is a great choice if you want to leave yourself plenty of opportunities to relax and soak up the downtime. What could be more relaxing than hanging out in your own private cabin retreat deep in the Smoky Mountains? You will soak up the beauty of Mother Nature as you feel all of your troubles melt away.

Practice self-care

Do not neglect to care for personal needs while away from home. If you are an exercise enthusiast, research ways that you can get in your cardio on your trip. This will immediately relax you and put you in a better mental place to enjoy your trip.

Everyone in your travel party should be able to choose activities that bring them joy and support relaxation. This will ensure that everyone returns home feeling as if the vacation crossed everything off of their list of personal needs. Whether that be downtime at the beach, time on the links, or simply the opportunity to curl up with a book, self-care is an integral part of a great vacation.


These five tips are a good start when looking to pull off a family vacation that everyone will enjoy. You will create lasting memories with your loved ones by employing these five proven vacation strategies. If you can afford to drive your own car while on vacation, please do so. Hire a car transport service, nothing beats the comfort of driving your own car on vacation. 

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