5 Fun Vacation Ideas for Your Family

5 fun vacation ideas for your family.

fun vacation ideas

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Vacations are the perfect opportunity for your family to take an adventure, bond, and enjoy each other’s company; however, even vacations can get boring and stale. If you are tired of taking the same old trips or have just run out of ideas, it is time to shake up your family’s mundane routine and go on an adventure. If you are looking for your next vacation idea for the family, here are a few ideas that you need to add to your list.


If your family does not want to be confined to one location, a cruise is a must-try adventure. With cruises from Seattle, Los Angeles, and Miami, there are departure destinations from just about anywhere that offer the luxury of experience with different activities, destinations, and fun aboard, and a wide array of experiences once you dock. This type of vacation is perfect for the on-the-go family that likes to stay entertained. With such a wide array of destinations and activities suitable for all ages, interests, and activity levels, your whole family will have a blast. If you want to keep your family on the go and entertained, a cruise is a must-try family vacation.

Road trip

For the family that prefers to remain solely on land, a road trip can be another way to explore a wide array of destinations. There are iconic locations like Highway 101 along the west coast, Route 66 that will take you right through the country, and shorter destinations like the route that will take you along the Florida Keys. As you plan your family road trip, keep in mind though that these trips are often less convenient for young families, as little ones may struggle to sit through such long excursions; however, if your children are older, they can truly take in and enjoy the trail.


If you are feeling the need to unplug from the digital world, camping with your kids is an incredible way to decompress from the urgency and distractions of normal life. Whether you choose a rugged experience and hike out to the wilderness, choose a campsite or decide to go glamping, you can connect with the great outdoors in a way that suits your family’s needs. Most important, don’t forget to pack your camping essentials and you cannot forget your s’mores supplies. Make the most out of your family’s camping trip and you will come away with fond, lifelong memories.

Lake getaway

If you like the beauty of nature, but crave a spot where you can cool off, look no further than a lake getaway. Whether you want to float along calmly letting your stress float away or want to engage in more intense water sports, there is something fun for the whole family. Luckily, there are different levels of engagement that family members of all ages can engage in. The little ones with floaties, teenagers on water skis, or grandparents floating on their inflatable raft with something for everyone. There is truly something for everyone at the lake.

Multigenerational family trip

Many families plan getaways for their nuclear unit; however, if you enjoy the company of your big family, you should consider planning a multigenerational or multiple household vacation. While managing a road trip or trying to find a house that can accommodate such a large group may sound like a nightmare, some vacations are better suited for large groups like cruises or campsites. If you are including multiple families, make sure that you have a wide array of activities for everyone. While the final result can be wonderful, planning a multigenerational trip can be a lengthy and detail-heavy experience, so take all of the tips and help that you can get.

Vacations offer families a time to step away from their normal lives and step into excitement, luxury, and fun. If you are looking for ideas for your next family vacation, look no further than these ideas. These five options will be sure to leave your family with memories that will last a lifetime.

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