7 Fail-Proof Cleaning Hacks for Every Working Mom

7 fail-proof cleaning hacks for every working mom.

cleaning hacks for working mom

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Every working mom aspires to balance career and family life. However, with so many things to consider and prioritize, house cleaning is usually neglected and overlooked. In most cases, working moms give so much effort in tidying up the house or organizing cluttered objects, but after some hours of kids’ play, the house is once again a mess. Undoubtedly, all moms want a clean and organized home because it provides comfort and safety to the children. Between raising kids and being a working mom, including completing daily errands, creating a clean and maintained home may not be easily feasible. This is where the option to get quality cleaning services in Palo Alto, CA, becomes invaluable, offering a practical solution for maintaining a clean and organized home, thereby ensuring that working moms can focus on their careers and family without the added stress of house cleaning.

And although cleaning is a crucial task for every working mom, not all hours are spent in cleaning because of other priorities. In truth, cleaning does not only involve sweeping, washing the laundry, or tidying up the kids’ toys. But it also requires major decluttering and proper maintenance of the overall structure such as window cleaning. In houses where high-rise window cleaning is needed, you can seek the help of your local window cleaning company. For sure, these professionals can help you get the job done safely and quickly. Here are some essential cleaning hack ideas for every working mom.

Make sure you have proper tools and cleaning supplies

Cleaning is best done if you have the proper tools and cleaning supplies. You can maximize time and save a lot of effort if you create cleaning stations inside and outside of your house. For Instance, your rooms and bathroom upstairs must have their own cleaning supply station so that you can immediately perform your tasks without delay. Whenever you need to rush to cleaning and tidying because you have important visitors or you are hosting a dinner, you will not have to stress out by going back and forth getting and returning the supplies. With just a basket of supplies tucked inside the bathroom,  or in a corner of your house, your home becomes comfortable, fresh, and most of all, convenient to live in.

Create a routine and pick a schedule

One effective way to step up your game is to create an efficient routine and pick the right schedule. Your daily routine will make cleaning easy and avoid the stress of not being able to manage your housekeeping. For instance, if you are doing your fitness workout in your home, you could incorporate cleaning with your exercise, such as doing squats like vacuuming your carpet. You could also create a schedule for days when you want to clean the windows, or specific days that you will change the bedroom sheets. Hence, your routine will help you balance your life in general.

Declutter all areas of your house

To make your house tidy and neat, you need to declutter all areas of your house. In this way, you will not be seeing objects that do not belong in the laundry or in the bathroom.

Apply the clean as you go method

Every working mom will benefit from this method because it keeps your house free from clutter, dirt, and potential allergens. The clean as you method tells you to clean your home bit by bit, and not wait till the dirt piles up or the kitchen sink is full already full of dishes. For instance, after brushing your teeth, you could immediately wipe the bathroom sink with a washcloth that is already available in your basket cleaning supply. Moreover, while cooking dinner, idle time can be used to wash the plates or clear the counter.


Because working moms are busy people, multi-tasking is another way of achieving a clean home. You could do the laundry while folding newly washed clothes. Moreover, you could vacuum the floor while waiting for your oven to ring. Hence, multitasking can make your cleaning stress-free and effortless.

Do laundry every day

At the end of the week, working moms can be overwhelmed by seeing a pile of laundry that has not been washed.  However, doing the laundry every day can extremely reduce the workload over the weekend. Instead of washing the laundry over the weekend, you could do important things like spending time with your family. 

Delegate cleaning responsibilities to other family members

While it is normal for working moms to do most of the cleaning jobs, delegating the chores to their kids and other members of the family can be very beneficial. Teaching your kids how to tidy up your home trains them to be responsible individuals. Moreover, a happy home is a result of family members working together, doing chores together, and having fun together.

To conclude, working moms are equipped in keeping the house organized, tidy and comfortable. However, it is important to develop regular cleaning habits with busy schedules so that your home can be a place of convenience. Lastly, a clean home keeps your family safe from illnesses.

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