How to Make a Perfect Pet House While at Home

How to make a perfect pet house while at home?

perfect pet house

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Your pet is an important member of the household. That’s why they should have their own space at home. If you’re looking to make your own pet’s personalized pet house, we’ll teach you how to make a perfect pet house while at home. 

Pets can come in various sizes. Hence, this article will assume that you own a pet dog or cat. Pets like hamsters or rabbits have their own special pet cage which is easier to buy. Some pets also prefer a terrarium or aquarium.

Because they are harder to make, we will assume that your pet is a dog, cat, or closely similar to them. A pet house may come in different sizes depending on the size of your pet. That’s where the planning starts.  

Planning the pet house

There are many things to consider before you start making the pet house. Pets are also like your own family. First and foremost, you should consider your pet’s preference whether they like small enclosed spaces or a large spacious area to play around. 

You also have to consider the location where you want to place the pet house. Will your pet be comfortable there? It is easy to maintain? Here are also other things you need to consider:

  • Measuring the space where your pet house will be
  • Choose between an indoor or outdoor pet house
  • What features you want to add to the pet house

Preparing the materials

For a pet house, you will most likely use wood as the material for building it. Choosing the best wood may be confusing for you especially if you’re new to woodworking. We recommend using either Birch or Ashwood. They’re pretty durable and sturdy which is perfect for a pet house. 

Other things you need to prepare are tools for making the pet house. You will need:

  • Circular saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Drills & drill bits
  • Impact driver & driver bits
  • Brad nailer 

Your wood measurements will vary depending on how large you want the pet house. We recommend using 4 x 8ft and 2 x 4 ft pieces of wood for the average space. 

Cutting the wooden pieces

Normally, you buy the wood that is already in the exact measurements you want. However, if you have a table saw or scroll saw at home, you can buy the wood at a cheaper price and cut it by yourself. 

Lay the foundation

The first and most important thing you have to do when building the pet house is establishing its foundation. You do this by framing the base of your pet house. 

Usually, people use 2×4 wood for their pet house’s foundation. Form the 2x4s so they look 2 rectangles placed side by side. This will serve as your foundation.  

Sheath the base

Sheath the base with plywood. The plywood should have the same shape as the 2×4 base foundation you establish. Screw the plywood onto the 2×4 foundation using 2-inch deck screws.  

Make the wall and roof framings

Just like what you did with the 2×4 foundation, make the framings for your walls and roof. You decide how tall your walls will be. Make sure the frames won’t get in the way of the doors and windows or other features you plan to add. 

Attach the framing walls and roof framing

Once you’ve made your wall and roof framings, Attach the wall framing walls first. Fasten the walls together using 2 1/2 inch deck screws. Attach the walls to the foundation. Allow the base to extend 1 inch beyond the sides and back. 

Also, install the roof framing by mounting it on the top where you can have a bit of overhang on the sides or just the front. Fasten the roof framing with 2 ½ inch screws. 

Install the siding

Now it’s time to install the sidings on the walls and the roof. ½ inch thick plywood should be great for your pet house. Fasten every siding with 1 ¼ inch deck screws. 

Other features to consider

Consider adding extra features like doors, ramps, or decorations. Adding them will require woodworking so it’s best if you research beforehand which is plausible for your pet house design. 

Getting the best for your pet is important. Pets provide your family a lot of benefits so you should take good care of them in return. 


Building a pet house for your pet at home is a great way to show your love and appreciation to them. They will have a place where they can relax and an area at home where they can call their own.

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