Choosing the Right Streaming Services for Your Kids

How to choose the right streaming services for your kids?

streaming services for kids

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A streaming service for kids is an online platform where kids can watch TV shows, movies, music, and other videos through the internet. It’s an on-demand online service. There are many streaming services for kids. The main purpose of streaming services is to have entertainment. Kids can watch cartoons, movies on streaming apps. In streaming apps for kids, your kids will see age-appropriate videos.

Most of the streaming apps are paid because of their unique features and parental control. There are still some dangers that parents need to consider. In some streaming services, your kids can view inappropriate content. Even some cartoon or animated videos contain violent activities, which may create a negative impact on a kid’s minds. Some best streaming services are as follows.


It’s one of the well-known streaming platforms. It’s a paid streaming app. You can use its web-based platform or mobile application. It’s available across all device platforms. All age groups are using this app. There are many TV shows, videos, and movies suitable for kids. But there are also many inappropriate videos and movies on Netflix that your kids shouldn’t be watching.

Parents can control these mature videos with the help of built-in parental control settings. The built-in settings allow you to restrict your kids from exposing them to mature content. You can make their separate profile for their age-related content. You can protect your settings with a passcode. You can monitor their daily activities on Netflix. These settings can change from a web-based platform only. Or you can check out this complete guide on how to set up parental control on Netflix.


It’s one of the most popular kid-friendly streaming services on the market. Kids can watch any old and new Disney movies. As the app is kid-friendly, there will be a low chance of kids stumble on inappropriate content. The only concern about using this app is your kids might be addicted to this streaming app. This app also has built-in control features with limited functionality.

You make your kid’s profile that automatically filters inappropriate content. There isn’t any passcode feature to protect your settings.  Majorities of Disney cartoons, movies are kid-friendly. So Disney+ has weak parental control compared to other streaming services.


It’s a subscription-based streaming service for kids. Users need to subscribe to cartoon channels like cartoon networks, Disney movies, boomerang, and many other channels. Once you subscribe to the channel, you can watch any episode. Kids can also watch animated movies from this streaming app.

There are many mature videos you can find on Hulu. If you set your kid’s age over 13, then they can view inappropriate content. In this streaming service, you can use controlling settings to limit your kids from exposing to violent content.

If your kids are under 13 then your kids will only see the age-appropriate videos. You can set the age restriction. You can create your individual kid’s profile and set the parental control settings. These settings are only applicable from a computer or laptop.

Amazon Prime Video

It’s also one of the renowned streaming platforms. Kids can watch its original cartoon series. Kids can also watch educational videos and can watch other animated videos. But this app isn’t suitable for kids. There isn’t a personalized kids channel. Kids will have to search for their cartoon videos. Not all kids are tech-savvy. So your kids might end up with mature and violent videos.

You can’t allow your kids to use this streaming service alone. You can set the in-built settings on this streaming app. You can set the PIN passcode on this app. If your kids want to purchase videos and channels, they need to enter the PIN code. They even can’t access the restricted videos. You can control their content by enabling restriction content and age category content.

YouTube Kids

It’s a subversion of Youtube, which is specially designed for kids. It’s a free streaming app. Kids can watch cartoons, educational videos and can excel in their new way of learning. It has a kid-friendly interface. In Youtube kids, you can only find kid-friendly content. You can make their profile by selecting their age category and your kids will only see age-related videos. You can also watch Youtube Tv, but it’s a premium version.

You can set the timer on their app. Once the timer is finished, the app will be locked. You can block any irrelevant videos and can report the videos. You can subscribe to any verified channel and only their videos will appear on your kid’s device. You can remove their search bar from the app. Youtube kids have many parental control settings compared to other streaming services.

Steps to choose the right steaming services for your kids

Not all streaming services are kid-friendly. It would help if you choose the right streaming service for your kids. In streaming services, you never know from where mature videos will appear on your kid’s devices. It can be any videos like fighting videos, drug-abusing, violent videos, and other unsuitable videos. So follow these steps to choose the right streaming services for your kids.

Check the streaming services

The first initial step is always started with you. It’s necessary to look at the streaming services very carefully. Some streaming services provide a trial period. You should check the streaming app before you let your kids use it. You should also check if the services are affordable or not.  Make sure you check the app subscription plan. You should also check whether the streaming website is secure or not.

If the website has an HTTPS, then it’s a secure site. If the website has an HTTP, it’s an unsecured site. Make sure you also check if the videos have kid-friendly content or not. Once you check all the requirements, then the app is safe for kids. It would help if you allowed, your kids to use it.


It’s another vital step to choose the right streaming services for your kids. Most of the fake or unverified app contains ads promotion. The ads might contain viruses and inappropriate content. Some ads contain pornographic content which isn’t suitable for kids. Kids’ digital devices might get infected by viruses.

Make sure you check if the streaming services have these types of ads or not. If the streaming apps and website have ads, then it will not be appropriate for kids. It would be best if you chose, ads-free streaming apps for your kids.

Parental control

It’s the most prominent aspect for choosing the right streaming services for your kids. Not all streaming websites or apps have built-in parental settings. Some have limited monitoring features. For instance, you can only create your kids streaming profiles. You can only set age restrictions.

The monitoring features can protect your kids in many ways. These in-built parental settings help kids from exposing to mature content. So you should check if the app has in-built parental control settings or not.

Parental control app

Choosing the right streaming services for your kid isn’t enough. You also need to ensure your kid’s digital safety. In-built monitoring settings will only have limited functionality. But third-party apps have unlimited functionality to protect your kids from inappropriate content on streaming websites or apps.

You can use a third-party application to monitor your kid’s online activities. There are many monitoring apps in the market.

All the third-party apps have similar functionality. The well-known third-party app in today’s market is compared to all those apps. This app is affordable and has some special features to monitor your kid’s activities. It will also provide extra layer protection for in-built parental control apps of streaming apps. Here are some features for monitoring your kid’s streaming services.

Parental control on Nextlix

Not only can you use parental control on Netflix but you can also use it in other streaming services. You can monitor their activities on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon prime video, etc. You can check their average time. If you find, your kids are using these apps excessively. You can control their activities with the help of You can also block the app or website for a certain time.

Alert system

The built-in parental settings will not give you instant alerts. But will give you an instant alert if the system detects any inappropriate content. It will also provide alert notifications if your kids try to access the blocked apps or mature content. You will also get alert notifications about the activities.


Hence, it would help if you were careful before choosing the right streaming services for your kids. There are other streaming platforms likes apple tv, youtube tv, sling tv, etc. There are in-built parental control settings in all the streaming app with limited functionality. Not all streaming services will be suitable for kids. So I recommend using third-party apps because you will have an extra safeguard option for your kids.

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