Different Ways Your Family Can Stop Receiving Spam

Different ways your family can stop receiving spam.

stop receiving spam

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Spam can be some of the most annoying material you can get. Nowadays, it comes in the form of unwanted emails, phone calls, and text messages. The text messages are starting to get out of hand. Fortunately, you can find ways to eliminate spam. These are some suggestions if your family has been bombarded with spam materials. Try these methods to stop spam.

Use landline call screeners and blockers

Don’t fret if you’re one of the people who still use landline services in your home. You can stop spam calls just like anyone else. What you’ll need to do is get yourself a call screening and blocking device. The devices cost about $20 from the discount department store, and they work well. They show you the number of anyone who rings your phone so that you can choose not to answer the call. The devices also have the blocking feature on them. You can choose to prevent a caller from ever getting through again once you establish that the call is spam.

Download cell phone apps

You can also download an app for your smartphone if you’d like to stop spam from reaching you. An array of software programs is in the iOS and Android markets. You can use these programs to control who gets through to you and who doesn’t. Many of them have settings that will allow you to block all calls or block calls from any number that isn’t in your contact list. Alternatively, you can use a whitelist or blacklist to control your calls.

Use a text blocking program

You probably want to know how to stop getting spam texts if you’ve experienced a bomb of text messages on your personal smartphone. Text spamming is such an intrusive way of marketing, yet many businesses and people use it. Take advantage of a comprehensive text messaging program that can help you block unwanted text messages and also set groups to send your messages to. The program will successfully stop any unwanted texts from reaching your phone if you want them to.

Start using your email filters

Most email programs have filtering options that you can use. Take a little time to get to know your email program. Some of the most popular email addresses are outlook, Gmail, and AOL. The best way to stop spam from coming to your email address is to avoid giving your address out. Sometimes, it happens anyway, and people have to find secondary solutions to the spam problem. Email programs have intricate settings that you can use to keep unwanted emails from reaching our inbox. You can have these emails sent to your junk folder, or you can have them deleted right away. Toy around with the settings the next time you’re in your email program.

Flag and report spam

Another feature that email programs have is the ability to flag and report spam. You can flag a spam message and then send a report so that someone will investigate it. Alternatively, you can choose to block the message in the future. You’ll never receive another email from an address you block. Be careful with the block setting, however. Don’t accidentally block someone you know. It may take you a while to find the address to unblock it.

Use the do not call registry

The “Do Not Call” registry is still available for people who receive spam and telemarketing phone calls. You can put your phone number on the list if you want some of the calls to stop. All you need to do is visit the Federal Trade Commission’s registration page for the “Do Not Call” list and enter your phone number and a few other details. Once you verify your phone number, you’ll be added to the list. You must be patient with this method. We recommend that you wait at least 30 days before you see results from your entry. Every little step you take helps a little bit in the overall picture.

Stop your family from receiving spam today

Now you know some of the most commonly used methods of eliminating spam. Start integrating these tips into your everyday life. You’ll be glad you took some steps to squash the spam.

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