4 Healthy and Delicious Meal Ideas for Your Family

4 healthy and delicious meal ideas for your family.

delicious meal ideas

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It is always good to eat and stay healthy. Albeit there are many types of foods that we can opt for, not all of them are safe. One of the best ways to show your family that you love and care for them is by giving them healthy meals all the time. Here are some of the healthy and delicious meals you should prepare for your loved ones.

Tomato spinach shrimp pasta

This meal is delicious, healthy, and comfortable for everyone. When the right procedures are followed, it will be ready in 30 minutes. To make this meal, you want to add two tablespoons of olive oil to a skillet and use medium-low heat. You will also add red pepper flakes, shrimp, salt, and Italian seasoning in the skillet and then use medium heat to cook it for five minutes.

You will then add some chopped tomatoes in the same skillet and some fresh basil leaves. You will cook your pasta based on the instructions it comes with. Next, you will drain the pasta and it to a skillet alongside spinach and tomatoes. After removing veggies and pasta from heat, add your grilled shrimp and use olive oil of the best quality; serve and enjoy.

Baked garlic ketchup potato fries

Deep frying always involves a lot of calories, but this is the type of meal that lets you get rid of them. We bet you will enjoy the garlicky flavor. This is irresistible backed garlic that is not fried. Therefore, you won’t have to feel the guilt of consuming half the pan. Compared to traditional fries, they are way healthier and safe for your loved ones. You can choose to enjoy them on their own if you prefer an effortless dinner; they can also make an amazing side for a BBQ. When making this meal, refrain from using too much heat as you might spoil the garlicky taste.

Ham and cheese barley salad

This is the type of meal that will keep your little ones full until it is time for dinner. This lovely meal won’t take a lot of your time to prepare and serve. To get started, you need to transfer your cooked and cooled barley into a salad bowl. You can use a fork to fluff up your barley and then separate the pieces.

In a measuring cup or a small bowl, whisk the ingredients together to make a sauce. These include chives, lime juice, pepper, salt, and mayonnaise. The dressing should then be poured over the salad and then stirred to coat and combine everything.

Creamy spinach chicken breasts

The directions for this meal are straightforward and quick to follow. You should commence by heating oil in a big skillet using medium-high heat.

Next, add your kitchen breast and stir for three to five minutes to fry. Season your food with pepper, salt, and Cajun spices to give it a great taste. Now is the time to add your ginger and garlic before stirring for another three to five minutes.

You’ll need chicken for this dish as well, so you should try to use quality meats Miami to have the best taste. Whisk the chicken your kitchen broth and cream, and then mix to ensure that the mixture is perfectly smooth. You will then reduce the heat so that the sauce gets to thicken up for about five minutes. The last step involves adding in the chopped spinach and then stirring well for between one to twelve minutes until the spinach is wilted. It is okay to adjust the seasoning if you want.

You truly love your family, there are some meals you should not let them touch. Fries, for instance, have a lot of calories and, therefore, not good for your health. Note that this is not a comprehensive guide since there are hundreds of healthy, delicious meals that you can prepare for your family. If you are in a hurry, you can try dishes that don’t need a lot of ingredients to prepare and serve.

There are free online resources such as this one that teaches people how to make both local and foreign dishes. Look for them and hone your cooking skills so that you introduce your loved ones to new foods regularly. Sharing happy meals is one of the most special gifts you can have for your loved ones.

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