Great Cash-Generating Ideas for Mompreneurs

What are the best cash-generating ideas for mompreneurs?

cash-generating ideas for mompreneur

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Describing a working Mom’s single day is a never-ending story. You get up every morning, prepare breakfast and snacks for your kids, dressing them up, taking them to school, and then finally, you arrive in the office and work for the next eight hours. It would be nice if this is the end of the day, but the story continues until you go to bed exhausted, anxious, and overwhelmed. 

Being a mom, taking care of kids and the whole household while working on a regular job isn’t easy. More precisely, it’s stressful, emotionally, and physically draining, which often leaves you with a feeling you just can’t achieve everything and that you’re just not enough. With the spread of the internet and the possibilities of working remotely or even start your own online business adventure that will provide you with enough funds and time to dedicate to your family, these problems can be successfully overcome. For that reason, we decided to provide you with the best cash-generating ideas and how to become a mompreneur! 

Why should you consider starting your own business? 

The role that society imposes on women making a picture of perfect family life and working parent is just not sustainable. Especially if we consider the gender pay gap. According to the Australian Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report, women in Australia are paid 13.4% less than men for the same jobs. Or more precisely, $25,534 on a yearly basis. And the highest gap was reported in Health Care and Social Services, where men earn 24.4% more than women. Sounds unfair? 

Another problem that women face with a lower income is when they have to take parental leave or special maternity leave, which are unpaid. Although the Federal Government’s paid parental leave scheme implies paying a minimum wage at the national level, in the majority of cases, this is less than a regular salary, which makes women economically vulnerable and more exposed to domestic violence. 

Thankfully, with the spread of the internet and the possibility to develop your business with minimal investments, you can turn this story in your favor. The best news is you don’t need the fortune to start acquiring an income. Depending on the chosen option, you can do it part-time or full-time, you can control how much you’ll be working, from where – will you do it from your home or at the beach, and you can even combine few options that will provide you with passive income. The point is, this type of work can provide you with the most valuable asset – your freedom. Let’s see how you can start your mompreneurship adventure and living life on your rules. 


Starting a dropshipping business is one of the easiest and most convenient options for a woman that raises a family. The best part of this business model is that you won’t need any physical products or storage place within your house. Everything you need is finding a reliable supplier and a WordPress website with integrated eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce or Shopify that will enable you to list your products and enable online payments for your clients. 

If this seems too complicated for a start, then focus on Instagram and Facebook marketplaces that also provide possibilities to set the prices of the product and enable direct online payment systems through that social media platforms. In some way, this is maybe even a better solution since it is much simpler and provides you to market your products easier as well as communicate with your clients. 

But, how dropshipping actually function?

Since you won’t have any physical products at your place, this means you’ll have to order them directly from the supplier. Let’s say you’ve decided to sell dresses. The first step is to list the products your supplier can provide you with on your social media marketplaces or website. The moment you receive the order from the client, for a long sleeve dress, for example, you’ll forward it further to the wholesale long sleeve dresses supplier, who will confirm the order and overtake the whole process of shipping the dress directly to the customer. So, once the delivery is done, you will take the commission for the sold product and put it right into your bank account.

Since the costs of running this business are very low, you’re not obliged to have any storage place or physical store, and you won’t have to deal with shipments, this business model presents the simplest and most convenient type of work for moms. 

Blogging and vlogging

Monetizing your blog sharing your parent’s experiences can be a great chance to earn some additional money and even turn it into your regular occupation. Although it might seem not so difficult, if you want to be successful, you’ll have to focus on one niche and create content for it. For example, you can specialize in traveling with kids or write about kids’ products like toys, clothes, or baby care. 

The creation of content implies that you will be presented on multiple online channels. Your blog is a base where the story should start. Social media profiles, especially Instagram, are another channel you can use to gather the community interested in similar topics that will provide you with the possibility to spread your business. Posting photos, Reels, Stories, tagging the brands you cooperate with or you’d like to work with is the right way to keep your audience engaged and acquire reputability as a trustworthy influencer that recommends only quality products. 

The next step is taking videos and uploading them on a Youtube channel where you’ll explain how you organize your day with kids or what baby cosmetic products you tried, and you’d recommend them to others. These recommendations and reviews can be paid options if any of the brands recognize you as a potential sales generator, so consider contacting some marketing agencies that can connect you with brands in need of influencers and start earning some money! 

Affiliate marketing 

So, once you got recognized as a trustworthy influencer and blogger, it is the right time to start earning some money through your website and affiliate marketing. 

Since a considerable number of companies have affiliate programs, finding a product that matches your niche and subscribing as an affiliate is the first step of this process. Once the company receives your subscription, it will provide you with a link with an in-built tag that proves the sale is made through the link on your website, and for this purchase, the company will pay you the commission. Although the commissions can be very low at the start, they are still some kind of income, so don’t neglect it. Moreover, as sales through your website increase, so your commission will. So, again, everything you should do besides integrating that link on your website is focusing on marketing and driving more traffic to your website and social media networks. 

Ready for Mompreneurship? 

Being a mom and successful entrepreneur is absolutely possible if you’re ready to acquire some new skills to lead you to your business development. Depending on the type of online business you choose, you will have to improve your soft and sales skills, learn some marketing hacks, and learn many new things. How to run an Instagram profile? How to set your products on its marketplace? How to communicate with potential buyers? What is a domain, and what is a hosting plan for your website? What eCommerce platform is the best for small businesses, and how can you adjust your WordPress site or blog to your needs?

Although all these novelties might seem frightening, once they become your working routine, you’ll be ready to tell us your story showing other women that being a mom and raising a family doesn’t necessarily exclude the possibility to attain business success. 

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