Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Your Family Members

Last-minute gift ideas for your family members.

last-minute gift ideas

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Choosing a last-minute gift is often more stressful than fun. And if the person who’s about to receive it, isn’t someone with specific interests and hobbies, then finding a perfect gift can be downright exhausting. Now, the easiest way to gift someone would be to purchase them a gift card or simply give them some money, but where’s fun in that? These gift suggestions may be practical, but they’re also impersonal, which is the last thing we need if we want to make someone happy. 

So if one of your family members is having a birthday or celebrating a special event, here are some last-minute gift ideas that they’ll definitely love.

A book for a bookworm

In case your loved one loves to read, then a book is always a perfect gift. However, when buying them a book, make sure to choose a genre that you know they love. Simply, giving a thriller fan a cheesy romantic novel won’t really fly unless you’re sure they love to read these types of books. In case you can’t choose a fiction book, feel free to give them a nice, soothing one that will help them grow and be the best version of themselves.

A personalized mug they’ll love

There’s something magical and comforting about mugs, especially when they’re filled with a warm drink of your choice. So if you have a family member who is a coffee lover, then a personalized mug may be the perfect present. You can order one online, or even better, design the logo or drawing yourself, and find a local craft shop that’ll be able to put that design on a mug for you. That way, you’ll be giving someone a unique handmade gift, while also supporting the local business near you. 

A kitchen appliance for a foodie

Maybe kitchen appliances don’t seem entertaining enough, but the fact still remains — they’re still a practical and an amazing fit for someone who loves cooking and spending time in their kitchen. For example, smoothies are healthy and delicious, so if you have a family member who loves them, then giving them a blender from Shoppster will definitely make them happy and fulfilled. Since the lockdown is still ongoing, choosing to shop online will greatly help you pick the perfect gift while still cherishing the safety of your family members.

Something cozy to and warm

There’s a reason why cozy and comfortable gifts are so popular both among receivers and givers alike. Simply, everyone loves fuzzy socks, slippers, throw pillows, or a blanket, especially as winter gets close. Giving a cozy and warm gift to your family members is also a great way to show them that you care about their wellbeing, as you’re taking an extra step to make sure they’re warm and safe from cold. 

A real, paper planner

It’s well-known that nowadays, most people rely on their phones and other gadgets to stay on track with upcoming tasks. But, in case you know someone who enjoys writing things down or planning future events, then a real, paper planner in form of a notebook will definitely brighten their day. You can go a step further and give them a unique notebook that offers a wide variety of ways to write down thoughts and plans, and while you’re at it, feel free to gift them with a quality-made and pretty pencil as well!

Beer making kit

Making your own beer is a nice way to practice your skills, especially if you’re a true beer lover. So, if you have a family member who enjoys drinking beer, then a beer-making kit might be just what they need. Plus, such kits almost always come with instructions, manuals, and ingredients. Of course, it’s essential to point out that this type of gift should be given to adults only.

Customized LED night light

As we’ve already established, personalized gifts are amazing for many reasons. Giving someone something that speaks to them only is a perfect way to show someone your love. So you can choose their name, initials or a date that means a lot to them, to name only some suggestions. Basically, feel free to go with anything as long as you know they’ll truly love it. 


Trying to find a nice gift for the loved one can be stressful, which is why these are perfect gift ideas when you’re in a rush. Some of them are practical, some of them are sentimental, while some are both. Just remember that any gift you choose should be nicely wrapped, preferably with a card, so your family member will feel completely loved and appreciated. 

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