5 Sensitive Information You Must Share With A Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce is not just physically taxing but mentally exhausting too. A wide range of emotions like sadness, anger, resentment, and embarrassment are part of the course. Especially when you have to divulge sensitive information to the Galveston divorce lawyer, it could be rather difficult. 

sensitive information for divorce lawyer

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Trying emotions are often the reason behind keeping secrets from the lawyer. However, you should not do it. It is unwise to keep secrets because your attorney shall not be able to defend you at the right time. 

The attorney-client privilege binds any statement that you give. So, breathe, and make sure you share everything. Most importantly, you must share these 5 sensitive bits of information with your Galveston divorce lawyer. 

An extramarital affair

While it is fine that you don’t want your other half to know about your extramarital affair, your lawyer should be aware. Remember, during the divorce proceedings, there’s every possibility that the other party would come to know about it. So, if your lawyer is in the dark, he cannot protect/defend you in court.

Letting the lawyer know about such surprises places him in a better position. It is crucial to establish open communication so that if you need a lawyer, they can be fully prepared for any unexpected developments. This transparency ensures that your lawyer can strategize effectively and mitigate potential damage during the proceedings.

If you used marital funds to sponsor and support the illegitimate relationship, the stakes would be very high. So, be very careful. 

Domestic abuse

If you were living in a violent and abusive relationship that led to the divorce, make sure your lawyer knows everything about it. Usually, abused partners avoid sharing these details with their loved ones out of shame or fear. However, you must tell these things to the lawyer so that he can guide you accordingly. If needed, you may have to get a court restraining order. 

A lawyer could also recommend different ways of serving divorce papers to your spouse, in case you are cohabiting. A lawyer can also suggest local resources like shelters, counselors, and other organizations providing support. 

If you were abused, you can even sue your partner in the divorce proceedings for your suffering, pain, as well as medical expenses. 

You have an STD

This is one crucial concern that you should discuss with your lawyer – sexually transmitted diseases. If you have got this disease from your spouse, you can recoup some money from the divorce proceedings towards your medical bills, pain, and emotional distress. To do that, the lawyer must know these deals so that you and your spouse can be tested.

DCP&P involvement 

Whether now or in the past, was there ever any DCP&P, previously DYFS, involvement in family matters? The DCP&P investigates and assists families in matters related to child abuse and neglect. Several times, this organization intervenes and provides services to families in need. Sometimes, they even investigate, which leads to discoveries. 

Irrespective of the status, tell the lawyer about their involvement. This issue should not pop up and surprise you and your lawyer in court.

Hidden debts & assets

The cardinal rule of divorce is that you should not hide your money, debts, or property. Eventually, such things would come out. There are tools to discover any hidden information, including financial investigations, subpoenas, and depositions. Do not blindside your lawyer. Instead, provide him with all the necessary information and help him contest the divorce proceedings. 


Be forthcoming with the divorce lawyer. If you have any emotional issues dealing with your divorce, tell the lawyer. Seek help. 

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