How to Make this Summer a Blast for Your Kids

How to make this summer a blast for your kids?

summer a blast for your kids

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Summertime is a magical time where the whole family makes memories. Activities such as summer vacations are an excellent way to make memories. However, for some, vacations can be expensive.

The good news is, making summer a blast for your kids doesn’t have to be expensive. Thankfully, there are low-cost fun activities you can still take part in. Below are some money-saving ideas to still enjoy summer this year:

Make simple crafts with recycled materials

Creation is a great way to boost their ability to imagine and problem solve. Children enjoy the process of building things. Play is important in the development of your child’s thinking skills. Most importantly is a way for your child to contribute to taking care of the environment. Additionally, it’s inexpensive and free.

Camping in summer with kids

For kids, camping means spending time exploring the outdoors. A camping trip this summer is a great way to introduce the kids to their environment. Growing up connected to nature helps your kid place value on the natural world. According to research now more than ever, many children are overweight, unhappy, and anxious.

Camping is a good place for you and your kids to release stress. Spending time outdoors is more than just a choice. It’s crucial for your physical and mental wellbeing. Why should you take your children camping?

Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression

Do you or your kids seem or feel stressed? Camping is a great way to boost happy hormones. Serotonin, also known as the happy hormone, helps alleviate stress symptoms. Interacting with trees, lakes, and birds helps calm and relax your mind.

Keeps you and your kids away from technological distractions

Too much technology is harmful to our bodies. It can leave you feeling anxious and depressed. Camping allows you time to interact with each other without technology distractions. It takes you away from the usual routine of constantly staring at your phone, TV, or laptops.

Physical fitness

Camping is a great way to interact with the environment. Mountain climbing, biking, swimming, and fishing are some activities you can enjoy during camping. It’s a great way to bring out the child inside you. Therefore, you can easily relate to your child by letting go.

When heading for a camping trip, it’s essential to know your environment. Packing is an essential activity. How you pack for camping can have a significant impact on your ability to enjoy the experience. Bringing the wrong items means having a miserable time.

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you should starve. Kinds often get hungry. Remember to carry some food and healthy snacks. Nuts are a good source of fiber and antioxidants. However, make sure your kid can handle the texture to avoid choking. Carrot crisps are an alternative to potato crisps.

A lot can happen when camping. Be prepared for splinters or blisters. Ensure you have a first aid kit equipped with camping essentials. Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying; they can cause itchy bites. Moreover, they act as reservoirs of diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. Keeping them at bay when camping is essential.

You could also just have a camp out in your own backyard! The comforts of home are just steps away and having mosquito control systems in your backyard will make the entire experience much more positive. Your backyard will be more comfortable than going to a real campsite and just as fun and entertaining!

Reading is free and fundamental

Although your kids acquire skills in school, during the summer break, they can lose ground. Social distancing is one of the key ways to protect your child from contracting covid-19. Therefore, many parents are opting to spend their summer at home.

Keeping your child interested in reading can be overwhelming. Fortunately for you, it is easier than you thought. Below are ways to keep your child reading during summer and still have fun:

  • Create a fun reading space. Set up a tent outdoors and add pillows to make a relaxing reading spot. It’s also a great way to practice camping at home.
  • Make reading an adventure. Take your child to borrow a book from the local book store. Feel free to add adventures such as visiting the museum, zoo, and field trips.
  • Introduce your child to series reading. A series book is a great way to make reading more interesting.
  • Encourage choice. Allow your kid to choose the book they read. It gives them a sense of control. Importantly, ensure the content in the book or magazine is appropriate for them.

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