A Guide To Defining Decorating Styles In 2021

A guide to defining decoration styles in 2021.

decorating styles in 2021

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Trends may come and trends may go, but interior décor styles always seem to endure. If you want encyclopedic knowledge of interior design, there are some excellent courses available. But if you’re just looking for some decoration inspiration for your home, below is some basic information to help you define some of the most popular design styles.


Always modern and current, the fluidity of contemporary interiors is always constantly evolving. The contemporary interiors of today feature clean, unadorned, and open areas made of metal and glass, with a bare minimum of intricate detailing. Some of the more popular furnishings tend to continue that spacious feeling with simple shapes and exposed legs. Just remember that what might be an exciting contemporary design today will most likely no longer be considered contemporary in 2040.


Inspired by Nordic countries from the mid-twentieth century, Scandinavian designs are all about creating a simple and minimalist environment in your home. This pared-back Nordic interior is effortlessly cozy and cool, with clean lines of wooden framed glass, and plenty of layered wool, fur, and other textured fabrics. Scandinavian interior styles work so beautifully in all living areas, as it provides a functional space with intricate details that transmit happiness and tranquility. It’s no wonder that it has proved to be enduringly popular around the world.


As a modern approach to the more rustic styles of interior design, farmhouse decor was originally inspired by cozy little log cabins and countryside cottages. Farmhouse furnishings are characterized as you might imagine, with white and beige patterns of upholstered linen, and distressed wood in accent colors of aged greenish blues or light yellows. The traditional elements of the farmhouse aesthetic should really make you feel like you’re on the side of a lovely hillside. Bring out that old country style in your home or kitchen with bunches of dried lavender, the arrangement of posies in a vase, and planters with a few veggies.


More charming and quaint than old-fashioned or just plain old, Vintage is actually an incredibly versatile style of interior design. Unlike eclectic or boho-chic, Vintage employs only a minimum of clutter that can really bring rooms together with an edgy or retro feeling. While Vintage interiors can avoid looking too cutesy with some stylish and practical vintage pieces placed throughout your home. If you want to get really creative with your vintage styling, use cabinets, bookshelves, and other furnishings with open areas that allow you to showcase some accessories like knick-knacks, keepsakes, and antiquely interesting books.


Initially influenced by simplistic styles of early twentieth-century Japanese designs, the minimalist trend has continued pervading modern styles so much it has become a whole new movement. Based on the less is more principle, minimalism also works on the idea that everything you own eventually ends up owning you. With all elements stripped back to their bare essentials, it’s the empty spaces of minimalist interiors that are left which ultimately make the desired statement of its design. To ensure there are no distractions with this simple style, minimalist designs generally rely on blacks, whites, and shades of greys while only sparingly using primary colors.


Because opposites attract with eclectic interior design, some people often get it confused with the almost anything goes attitude of the more bohemian styles. But the eclectic interior is actually when a design brings two very different styles together. The most successful eclectic designs maintain a sense of balance with a unified blend of borrowed concepts from multiple eras, different trends, and individual elements. Eclectic designs allow you to have fun and break the rules while injecting some of your own personality into your home’s interior, borrowing from several different styles.

Whether you’re renovating your home, changing the interior of a new one, or simply looking for project ideas for the future, these are the trending interior designs in 2021. So simply by following this guide, you can make all of your creative decisions with confidence.

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