Studio Apartment Living: Tips and Tricks to Maximize Space

How to maximize space in a studio apartment? Here are some tips and tricks!

studio apartment living

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

If you live in a studio apartment, you can agree that space can be a major challenge especially if you have a habit of collecting too much stuff. Keeping everything in that one room and still managing to maintain ample space to walk around is something that can be hard to achieve.

The good thing is that challenges force us to think outside the box and be a little creative. With some ingenuity, you can achieve a well-functioning and aesthetically beautiful space even when limited to a single room. Before you think that you need a bigger space to live in, incorporate the following tips and ideas to help you maximize the space in your studio apartment.

Increase storage upwards

A studio apartment may have limited floor space but a lot of unused space vertically. You can utilize this unused space to create storage spaces. This way, you free up the floor space and have enough open space for your maneuverings. There are a few ideas that you can implement on the vertical length of your studio apartment. For instance, you can install cabinets in the kitchen section to organize your utensils and kitchen supplies. Think of ordering unassembled kitchen cabinets and do the assembling at home. The plus: you get them cheaply without compromising on the quality.

Another great idea of utilizing the vertical space is to install open shelving high up the walls. You can then use this space to organize your items such as books and art. You can also use decorative baskets or bins to conceal personal items and store them in the open shelving.

Loft it

Among your furniture, chances are that the bed takes the largest space in your apartment. You can only imagine how much space you can save if you freed up the area that the bed is sitting on. A good way of freeing up space is lofting the bed, and using the space below it for another purpose.

For instance, you can create shelving below the bed to hold storage containers containing your items. You can also create a storage area by installing drawers underneath it. Perhaps the best of them is to create a happy area such as a cozy nook below the bed, which you can use for your reading, work, or Netflix bingeing.  This not only makes the space functional but also improves the interior of your studio.

Use smaller double-duty furniture

You may love the bulky and large furniture for their aesthetic appeal, but you can agree that they are oversized for a studio apartment. If you are to maximize space in your studio, opt for furniture pieces that fit the space. Choose a smaller coffee table and armchairs instead of a sofa. You can also opt for foldable furniture that you can fold up when you are done using them. Additionally, go without furniture whenever you can. For instance, you can ditch the TV stand and opt to hang the TV on the wall.

Alternatively, opt for furniture pieces that are double duty. For instance, you can go for a sofa that rolls out as a bed at night. You can also opt for an ottoman with built-in storage that can be used as a coffee table or a seat. If you have to go for a TV stand, ensure that it comes with a concealed storage area that you can use to organize some items.

Up your organizational game

Letting clutter pile up for days can easily make a studio appear smaller and crumpled due to its limited space. You may be surprised at how much space you free up just by cleaning and organizing your apartment. Think of ways to up your organizational habits to avoid clutter piling up. You can start by sorting out your mail as soon as you get it. You should also make it a habit of cleaning off your desk at the end of each day and the kitchen counter after preparing your meals. Most importantly, make it a habit to audit through your apartment regularly and get rid of things that you don’t use.


Living successfully in a studio apartment calls for some creativity and excellent organizational skills. Otherwise, it might appear to be an impossible mission trying to make a studio functional yet aesthetically appealing. Hopefully, the above tips give you an idea on where to start maximizing your space.

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