5 Great Online E-learning Resources for At-Home Learning

5 great online e-learning resources for at-home learning.

online e-learning resources

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Technology is rapidly changing the way we conduct our everyday activities, and learning has not been left out. Today, students do not have to be in physical classrooms owing to the countless innovative eLearning resources available. Whether you’re a student, parent, or teacher, here’re the top five eLearning resources that you should take advantage of today based on the specific discipline you’re looking for.

Coding resources

Are you interested in learning how to code? If you are, then you should consider visiting a programming-focused eLearning platform. Code.Org is one of the best resources for coding students of all ages. With it, you can access instructional videos with famous names like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. If you’re totally new to coding, you can expect to start with simple drag-and-drop boxes and familiar characters from games like “Plants Vs Zombies” before advancing to more complex topics.

Codecademy is another amazing option that offers a very straightforward approach to programming lessons. As a student, you get to complete a short introduction before selecting a fitting programming language, such as PHP, Ruby, and Python. The lessons are usually 10-12 hours long. Other great coding eLearning platforms under this category include Code School and Code Racer.

Arts and crafts resources

If you are looking for courses related to art and crafts, there are many amazing eLearning platforms that can impress you. One of the most popular ones is known as Skillshare. Many people like referring to it as a learning community, as anyone can take and teach a class. Skillshare has a wide array of subjects that are usually taught by top art and crafts professionals, and the resource allows students to go at their own pace while taking the courses.

Masterclass is another great eLearning platform whose courses average 20 lessons; each of them takes about 10 minutes, and they’re facilitated by experts in their different fields. Other great eLearning examples here are Creativebug and Creative Live.

Math-based resources

According to the Guardian, math is one of the best methods to strengthen your brain and improve your brainpower. Unfortunately, not everyone finds learning math online easy; thankfully, we have a good number of outstanding math eLearning companies with amazing math resources to help. One of them is Aleks, which uses adaptive questioning methods to determine what its students need. This platform also instructs its students on the specific topics they’re prepared to learn.

We also have BuzzMath, a remarkable platform that focuses on improving the math skills of middle schoolers. With it, you can expect high-quality problems, as well as instant and detailed feedback from the tutors. The best part is that besides allowing students to progress at their own pace, the platform also allows the teachers to receive detailed results to help them better understand their students’ progress.

General education resources

Whether you want to learn history, math, sciences, arts, or anything else, there are eLearning platforms that can guarantee you value and a great learning experience. One of them is Coursera, which has over 1000 courses from the world’s top universities. Many people who wish to explore a certain subject in detail usually visit this online platform, and many appreciate the fact that it offers a certificate when you successfully complete a course. edX is another great example of a general eLearning platform that offers courses from the top universities and liberal arts colleges around the world. With it, you get a brilliant translation feature and get to choose from a wide range of subjects and disciplines.

Languages resources

We also have many eLearning platforms devoted to the study of languages. One of them is the Live Lingua Project, the first provider of immersive language lessons online. This platform allows you to choose from more than 130 languages to learn, and access study guides, textbooks, and audio files for free. On the other hand, MIT OpenCourseWare provides high-quality course materials to the global internet community. Although the materials’ usefulness depends on the course, all of them include a detailed study plan to help you, the self-learner, to structure a home course.

If you’ve been looking for a good eLearning platform to learn a certain discipline, I believe this article has answered your question. Clearly, accessing education today is easier than most people imagine.

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