Easter Tablescape Ideas

Easter tablescape ideas.

Easter tablescape

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You’ve cooked the ham, boiled the eggs, and invited the guests for your small Easter gathering. Brunch or even dinner is well underway! If the next thing on your to-do list this Easter is creating a stunning tablescape, look no further. 

To add some creativity and put together the perfect Easter tablescape, get crafty with some printables! From springtime placemats to fun Easter wine labels, these Easter tablescape printables will help you create a memorable and festive setting. 

Printable Easter wine label

Easter tablescape


If you’re serving sparkling wine or juice at your Easter gathering, decorate your bottles with your own unique Easter labels. Simply the ones below out, cut them, then glue them on top of the original label and serve! These labels will be sure to incorporate a unique and festive touch to your spring tablescape. 

Cupcake toppers

Easter tablescape


To make your table of sweets stand out from the other plates, incorporate these toppers into your desserts! Although they’re a smaller design element, these print-out cupcake toppers are something your friends or family will notice and are very quick and easy to make. Print out these darling toppers and place them on top of your cupcakes after attaching them to a toothpick.

Spring-themes place cards

Easter tablescape


A quick way to brighten up the decor on your table is with some spring-themed place cards! Rather than reusing or buying place cards from the store, print out your own this year. To add an even more unique touch, customizing these printable place cards with your guests’ names. After printing out the place cards, fold the paper at the dotted line, fill in the names and place them around your table settings. 

Easter napkin rings

Easter tablescape


One way to add colorful decor to your tablescape is by wrapping napkin rings with an Easter- theme around your favorite holiday linens. The first step is to print and cut out these tags, and then punch holes in both sides of each oval. Then, cut some twine or ribbons and thread through the back of the ovals and around the napkin. Trim the ends of the ribbon and now you have some unique DIY napkin rings!

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