5 Amazing Things To Do At The Disneyland Resort

What to do at the Disneyland resort?

travel to Disneyland resort

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Are you planning your trip to the enchanting world of the Disneyland resort?

The trip is undoubtedly exciting, and your kids probably can’t wait till they step in there. But make sure you have done your homework and you have all the essential information and things you need before you proceed on the exciting journey! Pack your bags with all the necessary items. And, make sure you got yourself the best shoes for the Disney world. They will help keep your foot calm and smooth as you explore the park! Plus, check online for all the prerequisites before entering the resort. 

Get your tickets online so you can save yourself some effort and use it in exploring the resort. That place is enormous! So, check thoroughly so you know what you must visit before time runs out. 

Here are a couple of unique things you can do at the Disneyland Resort.

Get yourself a personal tour guide

The Disneyland resort is a gigantic place to be in. There are innumerable attractions, spots, rides, and so many other things to do that can boggle your brains!

Keep things simple and let your day go after hiring a personal tour guide who would take you through every mesmerizing spot. You wouldn’t have to waste half of your day finding your favorite attraction. 

A tour guide can efficiently manage your visit and ensure that you have visited every part of the Disneyland Resort. Even though you are provided with a map, it is still easy to quickly feel overwhelmed by uncountable attraction sites and the convoluted routes to each place! Why waste your time when you can have an expert take you everywhere.

Let the tour guide direct you to every place and make your experience even more worthwhile!

Do see Disneyland Park

This is not what you should miss!

Every great ride in the world is here! Every theme ride associated with Disney cartoons and movies is here! You just name it. This park is your dream come true. The thrilling rides and the bewitching spots will take your breath away. You won’t be able to stop yourself from trying out every ride!

A tiny detail to remember here is that the park is massive. Made on hundreds of acres of land, you can never completely go around the park in one day. So when you have to stay on your feet for that long, make sure you are wearing shoes that provide sufficient cushioning. Plus, they should be breezy and light, so the moisture does not accumulate, nor does heavy shoes make you tired soon. You want to be as exhilarated and active as you can, so do get shoes that keep you comfortable throughout your visit. 

Explore the downtown Disney District

The place where all the food is!

Downtown is where you can have a break for your lunch, or maybe explore a bit more to find shops where you can buy yourself some fascinating Disney souvenirs. Downtown is another enchanting place to be in. 

Make sure you get your favorite food and do not miss the chance to go around Downtown painted with colors and Disney characters to blow your mind!

Stay at luxury hotels

The exotic hotels are the main pull for every visitor of the Disneyland resort. The luxurious accommodations bring the taste of finesse and class amid the most exciting place globally; what is better than staying within the resort after you are exhausted but not given up.

Staying at the hotels means you have another great day ahead, and you can continue with your journey. Book yourself a hotel at the earliest because the rooms indeed get occupied pretty quickly. 

Make your visit better than ever and plan for your big day, so you do not have to face any kind of inconvenience.

Don’t miss the epic fireworks

End your day with a grand finale!

Disneyland resort fireworks are what every person looks forward to towards the end of the day. It wraps your day with yet another refreshing show of fabulous fireworks that brighten up the sky with an immense and beautiful series of colors and showers that will leave you spellbound. With the entertaining and classing Disney music playing in the background, everything sparkles ten times more under the firework’s lights.  

Do not leave the Disneyland resort before witnessing the electrifying fireworks. It is worth staying late in the resort. 

Final thoughts

Do not miss the chance to enjoy your trip entirely, and make sure you are fully prepared for the long day ahead. Make the most of the happiest place on the planet. 

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