5 Effective Ways to Boost Self-Esteem in Teenagers

It is not easy at all to find out how to help kids feel better about themselves. Here are 5 effective ways to boost self-esteem in teenagers.

boost self-esteem in teen

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Although every teen is unique, we have to acknowledge that adolescence is a challenging period. Many teens are experiencing increased levels of stress and anxiety! As parents, we have to do everything in our power to Boost Self Esteem in Teenagers!

We are living in a society that puts a lot of expectations and challenges before us. We have to behave and look in a certain way, otherwise, we run into difficulties going through life. It is worth saying that it is difficult for everyone to continually have to fit into these prescribed norms. However, it is particularly difficult for teenagers to meet all the criteria imposed on them. Indeed some cope with all this better than others. But it is still safe to say that many teens feel extremely insecure and anxious when they are under the impression they cannot meet these expectations.

Now, as parents, we want our children to have a positive self-image and healthy self-esteem. Our job is to support them through their process of getting there. As you know, though, teens are not often open to talk about things that are bothering them.  Hence, it is not always simple to understand whether an adolescent has a problem with self-esteem and how to help them. Plus, you can also feel overwhelmed with how quickly things change. It is like one moment you are looking at baby memory books, and the other you are living with a volatile teen. Wishing to help parents figure out how to Boost Self Esteem in Teenagers, we talked with experts specialized in adolescent psychology. 

How to boost self-esteem in teenagers

Focus on the effort and not perfection

“There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial and error”. We don’t know the author of this quote, but we know that it is something that every parent needs to know.  Make sure that your kids understand that they need to be proud of their efforts and not accomplishments. Show them that it is okay that they are not number one in everything that they do.  Confidence in your love will be incredibly beneficial for dealing with teenager self-esteem problems.

Encourage your teen to try new things

Teens need to create their identity. This process can sometimes be frustrating for parents because it appears as if they want one thing one day, and something completely different, the next. Remind yourself that it is about them and not you and let them try all the activities they want. When they find something they enjoy doing, you will see that this is one of those teenager self-esteem activities you have been looking for.

Be the role model

You know, if you are constantly feeling bad about yourself, there is a risk that your kids pick up on the attitude. Children are learning from their parents. So make sure that you are the role model for confidence. You can give your child examples of what you are going to do to succeed at finishing a certain task at work. Besides, you can also tell them what you will do in case your initial plan doesn’t work. Children will also appreciate it if you share with them situations when you feel insecure or scared. It will show them that you also went through a difficult time when you needed confidence.

Positive self talk

It is one of the essential aspects of knowing how to build teenager self-esteem.  The more kids repeat negative things about themselves, the worse they will feel. Help them to change their perspective by teaching them to say positive stuff about themselves.  Encourage them to remember what they succeeded to do, what activities they are good at, etc. it is often difficult to say out loud positive things about ourselves. Advise them to start by imagining that they are saying it to a third person. As they feel more comfortable with these affirmations, they will switch to telling them to themselves.

Keep praising your kids

Perhaps it is the most critical when you want to Boost Self Esteem in Teenagers. We often get carried away in this idea that we want our kids to be the best, and we are quick to criticize when they are not. At the same time, when they do good things, we act as if nothing less was expected from them, so the praise and congratulations are often absent. But we need to change this and praise the kids for good work, no matter how small it may be. It is not enough to say, “Yeah, good job”!  Be as generous with praise as possible. Show them how proud you are to be their parent. If you have a teenager with low self-esteem help them this way and watch how they flourish.

Final word

There you have it! Now you know some of the tips to Boost Self Esteem in Teenagers. You know, more often than not, when we notice that our kids have some difficulties, we have the urge to jump in and resolve whatever problems we think they are having. A better thing is to empower and support the kids on their journey of developing the mental strength and abilities that will help them through this stage and later in life. What do you do to support your teens? 

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