6 Easy Ways To Organize A Living Room For Living With Kids

How to organize a living room for living with kids?

organize a living room

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Your living room is the centerpiece of your home, therefore, it’s important to make it look as beautiful as possible. However, when you add kids to the mix, things can get more complicated. Children are inquisitive and curious, running around to inspect everything, and in that case, making your living room safe for them should be your top priority. 

There are many ways to organize your living space, so it will be suitable for kids and adults alike, so for that particular reason, here are some easy ways that will help you pull it off with ease. 

Arrange the furniture

The way you arrange furniture speaks a lot about your preferences and priorities. When you are single and childfree, you don’t have to worry about more intricate aspects of safety, which leaves you with more room to experiment. But, if you have kids, then it’s essential to arrange the furniture, so they’ll be able to roam and mingle without getting injured. The placement of your furniture should largely depend on the size of the room itself and of course, the size of the furniture that you own.

Create a designated play area

If you love spending time in your living room (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), then it’s understandable if you want your kids to be there, so you’ll be able to watch them. Therefore, creating a unique designated play area will be of great help: firstly, all the toys will be nicely stored in one place, while kids will have the space to call their own. You can use storage boxes or shelves to arrange all their toys, as that will keep the living room clean and tidy.

Make your living room comfortable

Sometimes, we all wish to have a living room that resembles the ones we see in magazines. In reality, that’s more difficult to pull off, mainly if you have kids. So, opting for practical, yet sophisticated furniture is important, because combining comfort and style is a sure way to make your living room look lived-in and elegant at the same time. 

Besides, the floor matters a lot, because kids love to crawl and play, so adding one or two gorgeous Miss Amara rugs will undoubtedly add a lot to the overall aesthetic and comfort of your living room. Just because you love stylish decor solutions, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to comfort. When you have kids, your main goal is to ensure their wellbeing, while style and decor should be there to emphasize that. 

Teach your kids the importance of tidiness

Tidiness matters a lot, but you shouldn’t make it your main priority, especially if your kids are too young to understand the concept. However, if they’re at the right age, teaching them the importance of being tidy will help them later in life. But, be sure to be gentle about it is a great way for them to pick up this habit in a proper manner. Hence, feel free to teach them to pick up their toys and place them where they belong. That way, your living room will be safe for everyone, as no one will step or trip over a misplaced toy or a Lego. 

Secure all the necessary of the items

Some furniture tends to be more fickle, which is why it’s necessary to securely attach them to the wall. Bookcases and some shelves should come to mind, especially if they’re within the kids’ reach. Being a parent means being busy, so it makes sense if you don’t have time to watch your kids 24/7, and in that case, securing and locking all the furniture and possibly dangerous items will make you feel more peaceful, knowing that your little ones are safe. Additionally, if you tend to spend time in the dining room, it’s crucial to dedicate some attention to that space, as well. 

Aim for practical solutions

We’ve already mentioned that children like to touch everything, and therefore, you should always aim for practical solutions rather than aesthetic ones. Durable fabrics play an important role, especially if your children (and you) are prone to spilling and staining the furniture. If you prefer more elegant sofas and armchairs, you can always opt for slipcovers that you may take off in case you have guests. Finally, keeping your living room free of clutter is the best way of keeping it safe and childproof. 

In conclusion

There are many ways to decorate your living room without taking away any comfort and security. Having children is a full-time job, which is why it’s essential to organize your living room in such a way that will keep them safe. Teaching your kids to collect their toys and return them to the box, opting for durable fabrics, and securing the furniture will give you a peaceful mind, as you’ll be sure that everything is in its right place. 

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