How to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe for Your Partner

Best guide to help you create a minimalist wardrobe for your partner.

create a minimalist wardrobe

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To include minimalism in your fashion means embracing a clutter-free life. Instead of towers of shoes and stacks of clothing items that you barely even wear, minimalism invites you to consider each piece in your wardrobe carefully and to truly enjoy every outfit you put together. 

But while minimalism sounds great to us, our partners might find it complicated and confusing because this entire fashion direction requires some careful planning. Luckily, we can help them remove all that chaos from their wardrobe! 

If you’re eager to give your partner the skills to put together the perfect minimalist wardrobe, here’s how you can help.

Don’t be pushy

Take your time and talk everything through. If your partner doesn’t seem happy with an idea, back off immediately. The point here isn’t to control your partner’s choices or order him around because you think you know better, the point is to help him get a rocking wardrobe and make his life easier. 

So, sit down and have a light, easy discussion about what he wants. If he agrees, you can start tackling the problem.

Take it slow

Regardless of what we think of men, they do tend to get fairly sentimental. You might have a hard time convincing him to get rid of his old band shirt from college even though it’s completely worn and full of holes but take it easy. Some pieces will have sentimental value, and he might want to keep them. 

Instead of these kinds of keepsakes, start your minimalism journey by getting rid of everything else that is worn, has stains, or simply never sees the light of day because it’s unsuited to your partner’s style.

Figure out a color scheme

The safest thing to do is stick to neutrals. Colors like black, navy, brown, tan, and grey are staples for a reason, and unless your partner considers himself a fashionista the neutrals will serve him quite well. Of course, this doesn’t mean his wardrobe has to be completely void of color – add a fun button-down shirt here and there and he’ll have a piece to break the monotony.

Invest in good accessories

Male accessories are severely underestimated. Same as with ladies’ accessories they can elevate any kind of outfit to a whole new level, and paying that kind of attention to detail will make him stand out among his peers. 

And he doesn’t need anything complicated – a few scarves, a wristwatch, some good leather belts, and a sleek men’s card holder to keep everything organized. He doesn’t have to wear jewelry or hats if he doesn’t want to. These small, practical accessories will easily turn him into a suave master of style.

Only buy timeless pieces

Trends come and go, but some fashion pieces are here to stay. Even though it might be difficult, try to consider fashion carefully and choose clothing that simply looks good, regardless of how fashionable it might be right now. Buy quality things that can last a long time, and be very mindful of the fit and the cut of the stuff you’re buying. 

The fit always needs to be perfect, and the cut needs to suit your partner’s body type. It’s irrelevant that slim jeans are popular right now if your man simply doesn’t look good in them.

Consider your partner’s lifestyle

One important note we have to tie in with our previous point – you have to consider your partner’s general lifestyle. For example, a sleek suit might be a perfectly elegant, timeless piece to buy, but if your partner is a sports coach and wears suits once every blue moon, you’ll just have wasted your money. 

It’s important not to push them into a kind of lifestyle you think they should lead, but to help them look good and be comfortable in the clothes that are suited to the style he does lead. 

Stop buying ugly t-shirts

Every guy has at least several dozens of t-shirts. It makes sense, they switch them out more often than any other piece of their outfit, but this means that they’ll hold onto every dumb t-shirt with awful colors and slogans they find. Instead of this, try investing in plain cotton t-shirts that look good, feel good, and can be easily matched with other things in his wardrobe. 

Welcome to your clutter-free life! If both partners of the household embrace minimalism you’ll have an easier time getting dressed every day and your home will be clean and neat. 

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