How to Destress Before Bed

How to destress before bed?

destress before bed

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Bedtime routines aren’t just for children. Due to the current climate, monitoring your stress levels as a parent is more important than ever to ensure you can adequately wind down and get some rest. More than one in five Americans are sleeping worse than before the pandemic and lack of sleep can all take a toll on you and your families’ physical and mental health.

Studies show that in order for adults to get quality sleep, they also need to maintain consistent sleep routines. Whether you feel like your bedtime routine has become less structured due to the stressors from the pandemic, there are hacks parents can learn to optimize their rituals and prepare themselves for a good night’s sleep. 

To help busy parents understand the importance of sleep hygiene, the folks at Tommy John created a visual offering 12 ways to relax before bed. These tips were sourced from sleep experts and range from practicing mindfulness and meditation to creating a next day to-do list to lower feelings of anxiety. They also broke down each activity by the hour to help you confidently incorporate them into your schedule. 

For more inspiration, explore their visual guide below. 


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