How to Entertain Kids in the Neighborhood (While Socially Distancing) 

How to entertain kids in the neighborhood while socially distancing?

entertain kids in the neighborhood
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This last year of social distancing has been hard on our little ones, as they try to cope with a new way of living and learning. Your kids may have not been able to see their close friends from school or the local neighborhood while staying safe. There may have even been new neighbors moving in next door with young children of their own, as mortgage rates have been astoundingly low the last few months. 

If you are worried about your children not being able to socialize normally, there are several fun and creative ways that not only entertain your children but help them to stay connected with friends that they will soon see when it is safe again. 

  • If you have a next-door neighbor who has children of similar ages, deliver craft boxes to their door. Throw in construction paper, paint, new sets of crayons, and more! Your kids can have planned activity times over Facetime or other virtual sites with their craft boxes.
  • See that your neighbors have pets? Bake them homemade treats at home with your kids to deliver. Make the goody bags personalized with a sweet pet gift tag! If they are pet lovers, offer their dog sitting and dog walking services to help ease your neighbors’ workload.
  • If you have a family that is musically inclined, check out buying a new guitar or another easy instrument. Beginner guitars can be fairly inexpensive, and learning how to play will not only keep them busy but can help them to grow. You can throw a socially-distanced outdoor concert for the neighborhood!
  • Who doesn’t love a good childhood board game night? Pick a night once a week to try out a new game or pick up a family-favorite. Grab a couple of favorite snacks and drinks to enjoy. Make a neighborhood trading route with board games so everyone can take part in the fun! 

Looking for other ways to keep your kids connected with their neighborhood friends and welcome new ones? Check out these 12 ways to meet and welcome neighbors while socially distancing!

Just click on the pic to download all Welcome new neighbors! labels.

entertain kids in the neighborhood

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