How to Get the Kids Excited About Home Renovation Projects

How to get the kids excited about home renovation projects?

home renovation projects

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Married couples with children spend the most money on home improvements. Moreover, they are most likely to pursue such endeavors.

While you are certain that such a big investment will improve your family life, your kids may not share your view. They might feel like they are stepping into dangerous, uncharted territory.  

Home renovation projects are always challenging, let alone when there are kids involved. You may be expecting a lot of mess, noise, chaos, and tears (probably yours).

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With some planning and preparation, your kids will embrace the change rather than be afraid of it.

Consider the time of the year

If you have kids, summer and spring are the best seasons to renovate your home. There are no big holidays to work around, it’s warm enough for outdoor dining, vacations are easier to take, and your kids’ routine is already shaken up.

Prepare your kids for the fun

When they know what to expect, kids deal better with change. To help your kids prepare for the renovation, you can read them books such as The Construction Alphabet Book, Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, Tap Tap Bang Bang, and Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?

You can also let them draw “plans” for the renovation. Rest assured that you, your kids, and even the contractors will get a kick out of it.

So that they can play builder, make sure to get them some toy tools. They will have an easier time embracing the fact that their world is changing if you let them act out what’s going around them.

And before the walls get demolished, hand them crayons and markers and let them go crazy. If your kids are bigger, they can even go at it with a hammer.

Allow them to make small décor decisions

Go through some kids’ room renovation ideas together with your children. It’s important to give them a space that reflects their personality.

For instance, you can narrow down their options to three duvet covers, three rugs, and three wall colors. This way, you will give them a choice while being sure you won’t be opening the door to an entire Super Wings-theme room for the next five years.

If you don’t agree with any of their choices, you can offer them a compromise. For instance, if they want something wacky like hot pink walls, you can suggest a super-subtle glitter finish as an alternative. Paint jobs are among the home renovation projects that bring the most joy, so make sure to let them join in on the fun.

You can even design and create DIY furniture together. For instance, you and your kids can try your hand at making a DIY terrazzo table, and you can let them pick out the stone and glass chippings.

Don’t pack away the toys your kids have mentioned recently

Let’s say one of your kids is obsessed with a toy and wants it immediately. Imagine if that toy is stored in a box deep down in your basement and that you have to tear through the whole house to find it.

Unless you make sure the stuff your kids are currently attached to—loveys, pajamas, comics—is very handy, this is a likely scenario. Your kids won’t be excited about your project when they figure out it’s the reason their favorite toys are missing.

So that your kids will have everything they need to have fun during the renovation, pack their favorite things in plastic storage bins with labels. This is an excellent way to keep stuff close by but dust-free.

Befriend the workers

To create a friendlier environment, have your children learn the names of the contractors working in your house. Whenever you bring them by, encourage them to talk with the workers. This will help them understand that there are real and nice people behind the hard work that’s going into the renovation.

Moreover, it’s easier to tell the contractors that you want something done differently when you have a cute kid standing next to you. You can keep your fridge stocked with drinks and snacks, and have your kids bring everyone treats.

Keep an area of your home kid-friendly

Instead of having to tell your kids all the time that they can’t be here, go there, touch that, and play with this, it’s easier to designate a space just for them. For example, you can set up a tepee in a corner of one room, get a couple of bean bags, and let them play there as much as they want.

Tell everyone what’s up

Let coaches and teachers, and everyone else in your children’s lives, know about your renovation project. They will cut you and your kids some slack if they know what’s going on.

Whenever your friends or parents offer to watch your kids, pick them up, or bring you a meal, say yes. When it feels right, don’t hesitate to play the “we’re renovating” card.

You will feel exhausted and you will snap at one point or another during your renovation. To shield your kids from the cray, let your friends and family take over when your frustration level rises. This way, you can vent to your partner without worrying about spoiling your kids’ mood.

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