How and Why to Support Your Local Businesses This Year

How and why to support your local businesses this year?

support local businesses

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Supporting local shops maybe something you hear all the time. But you may not know why it’s valuable, or how to get started. Most people like to shop local to show support for local creators, help out their community, connect with those in their community, and help keep money local. 

In most cases, the money you put towards small businesses stays local. Think about it; you give your money to a small business. That small business owner may use it to buy groceries locally, purchase a coffee down the road from a small business, or buy necessities at a local mart. Yet, when you spend money at a big-box store, it’s instantly given to someone that most likely isn’t part of your local community. 

Not only does your money stay local, but you’re able to get to know your local creators, support them, and potentially get better products. Locally made products are made with care. They may be made by hand, with other local products, and were crafted to be perfect for you and your loved ones. Not to mention groceries. You could find fresher and cleaner produce as local food may cut down the travel and chemical exposures from cutting out the distribution processes. 

To get started on this journey to supporting local more often, make it a fun activity. Download and print out our printables. Write out your shopping list to ensure you get everything you need while staying on budget. As an added touch, we created a printable coloring sheet for your family to color in your dream small business! 


support local businesses


support local businesses

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