7 Hobbies You Can Do Alongside Your Kids

What are the hobbies you can do alongside your kids?

hobbies you can do alongside your kids

Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels

Hobbies are essential since they nurture your kid’s creativity and innovation. When you engage in fun activities as a family, you create an unbreakable bond. The best part is that you get occupied and entertained as well. Here are seven hobbies that you can do with your kids.

Drawing and painting

Drawing brings out the art passion in your kids. You can help them sketch magnificent stuff on paper. After that, you can paint the artwork together to make it more interesting. If the outcome is excellent, you can sell the pieces to friends and family. Naturally, children love painting; hence, it won’t be a problem bringing them onboard. Their creativity levels will increase, and you will have spent quality time together.

Selling toys

As part of your hobbies, you can sell vintage toy collections. Gather old toys with your kids and make an income from them. You will teach your children how to make money from toys they aren’t using. You can save the cash to use it on a rainy day. Alternatively, you can use the money to buy new toys. With time, you can turn the hobby into a business.


Yoga is an enjoyable and exciting thing to do with your kids. You can start with basic stretches and movements to warm up for advanced sessions. Thanks to the internet, you can get yoga videos to imitate with sheer simplicity. Ensure that everyone has a mat to make the exercise comfortable. In the end, you and your kids will have a relaxed mind, body, and soul. YouTube tutorials are the best since you can pick from the arrays of videos.


Gardening is a great activity that instills the love for the environment in your kids. Your children will feel responsible when they plant flowers and care for them. You can also grow fruits and vegetables to eat at home. You don’t have to but them from the market if you can grow them in your garden. The idea of watching plants germinate is exhilarating for kids. You can teach them how to apply fertilizer and irrigate the plants as well.

Baking and cooking

Baking and cooking alongside your kids are therapeutic. Children are always curious about what’s happening in the kitchen. Therefore, you can teach them some baking and cooking skills. You can start by showing them how to chop onions and tomatoes. With time, you will advance to making vegetable or beef stew. Baking bread is the simplest way to introduce kids to the kitchen. Ensure that they wash their hands and stand away from fire. Your child will grow up knowing how to prepare meals for the family. Plus, you can make your pastries at the comfort of your abode.

Playing musical instruments

Another fun hobby that you can try with your kids is playing musical instruments. A piano or guitar will do the trick since they are the easiest to play. As a parent, you will guide your children on how to play the instruments. If you aren’t a pro, you can hire someone to teach you as a family. To make the activity more enjoyable, sing some songs as you play the guitar or piano. Also, you can add some drums to make the sessions more entertaining. As time goes by, you will become professionals playing the instruments. You can create some videos and post them on social media to earn cash.

Making jewelry

You can make jewelry as a family, provided you have the right materials. Beads, wire, and hooks are crucial if you need to design high-quality jewelry. The simplest ones that you can start with are bracelets and necklaces. You will teach your kids how to make jewelry from the beginning. Then, you will leave them to work according to their creativity. If they turn out great, you can sell them to your relatives and friends. Go for shiny and authentic beads to turn your hobby into a money-making scheme.

Final thoughts

With the above hobbies, your kids will learn life skills such as innovation and responsibility. Besides the fun, you will create beautiful memories as a family. The best part is that you sell some work and get money from the activities. Plus, you will have a relaxed spirit after doing your yoga.

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