How to Keep a Record of Your Life’ Best Moments

How to keep a record of the best moments of your life?

keep a record of the best moments

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Keeping your memories recorded is something everyone should do to preserve a portion of your past to look back on. When it comes to recording your everyday family life, there are so many things that you can do to preserve those moments to look back on. Luckily there are so many different ways you can preserve your memories and here are some of them. 

Letters and diaries

One of the best and simplest ways to keep your memories record is by writing them down. You can even write them to someone in hope they will be able to read them and remember those heartwarming memories. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, you can use a plain journal to write in. when it comes to letters and diaries anything goes, to make it more fun and cuter you can write in colored pens. 

Digital scrapbooks

If you are someone who likes scrapbooks, but they aren’t organized enough for you and take up too much work and space, online scrapbooks are the way to go. There are so many different online systems that are solely made for designing scrapbooks and combining all of your photos into one piece. When you are using digital scrapbooks, you will be able to fit in so much more photos and it will be much faster. Another great benefit is that they are shared very easily with your loved ones.

Photo books

Hardcover albums are still a thing and they are truly one of the best ways you can record your memories and cherish them forever. If you don’t have that many photos to make an entire album you can find a photo booth hire and have fun taking pictures. The best thing about making an album is that you can arrange it to tell the whole story. It takes a bit of time, but it’s worth the effort. There are so many different themes and sizes you can go for, your limits are endless, the only thing you need is creativity. 

Mini albums

But if you are looking for a small and cute way of preserving your memories, go with mini albums. Because they are smaller scale it doesn’t seem so overwhelming as creating a big one. You can create so many different ones like vacation albums or every day one or just one for your favorite memories. The thing that people like most about the mini-album is all the possibilities when it comes to the format and shape. Just like with photo books, all you need to do is unleash your creativity and have fun while looking back on the memories.

Make home videos

No matter if it’s a family tradition, just a normal day, a holiday, or a vacation, recording some of the moments is the coolest way to make sure it stays documented. But don’t worry about capturing every single moment, you can’t live your life looking through a lens. Capturing just a few minutes is good enough to provide a memory while you are still enjoying time with your family and creating new memories. Videos are easily transferred onto computers, DVD’s, clouds, and all other things where you can share your videos. 

Keep mementos

The whole beauty of keeping mementos is that they can be just about anything. Keeping a little box of things that you have collected over the years will serve as treasurer for other people you want to share it with. Every time you go tough it will let you remember all the fun stories behind every piece. The things don’t have to be anything large or valuable, it needs to be something that will remind you of that special time. 

Keeping your memories recorded in whichever way you prefer will help you look back and remember what life used to be back then. You might also find that the whole experience is hepatitis as you are looking at happy times spent with people you love. It can also give your loved ones something to remember all the events if they suffer from memory loss or future generations to see how life was back in your days.

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