How to Have the Best At-Home Spa Day

How to have the best at-home spa day?

at-home spa day
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Nothing spells out self-care better than a proper spa day when you get to relax, rejuvenate, and get yourself in a better mood and headspace to deal with the daily stress and pressures of life. Because of time or financial constraints, spa time is not a reality for many. But, you can make it a norm for you by following the tips below.

Set the mood

It’s hard to miss the ambiance in a spa. Something about walking into a spa urges you to take off all the exhaustion and mental stress that you have been carrying around. The good news is, you can do the same for yourself affordably in the comfort of your home. To achieve the ambiance of a spa in your home, start by cleaning up your bathroom to have a clean and beautiful working area. Then, set aside all your spa day essentials, like soft-clean towels, skincare products, a grooming kit, bath salts, and essential oils. You can also enhance your spa-like experience by dimming the lights, lighting up some scented candles, and playing some soothing music to indulge your senses and set the tone for some pampering.

Take care of your hair

It is easy to ignore your hair during your at-home spa day because it’s not part of your regular spa routine. However, you will love the results of taking care of every bit of yourself. Find products that are suited to your hair type and issues. Natural oils like olive and coconut oil masks will restore the shine on your dry and dull hair, and moisturizing masks with shea butter or avocado oils are great for damaged or frizzy hair. For people struggling with hair loss, keranique reviews can help you figure out how to regrow your hair and prevent further hair loss.

Treat yourself to a facial

An at-home facial for spa day needs to be something a bit more intense than your daily skincare routine. It should be luxurious, relaxing, and one that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Before doing anything else, cleanse your face with an oil-based cleanser to rid it of any impurities. You can repeat this step using a water-based cleanser before proceeding to steam your face so that your pores open up and soften for the preceding steps. You can then get rid of dead skin by exfoliating, preferably using a chemical exfoliator. A facial is not complete without a face mask of your choice. Don’t forget to soothe the eye bugs, using either the traditional cucumber and teabag remedies or modern disposable eye masks.

Relax in a tub

The power of a good bath is unquestionable. It not only nourishes and cleanses your skin but also lowers stress hormones and stimulates endorphin production. Therefore, do not miss out on a chance to treat yourself to a luxurious bath, featuring some essential oils, bath salts, and floating petals. Bath salts are great for soothing achy muscles, relieving insomnia, and hydrating the skin. Feel free to enjoy a good read or sip on some fruity wine while listening to some good music tunes.

Rinse off in the shower

If you don’t have a tub or don’t fancy tub time, worry not because a steamy shower works just as well as a bathtub. You could try an aromatherapy shower, which incorporates some relaxing essential oils. To do this, you can place 5-10 drops of the essential oils in a bowl with some water, and put it on your shower caddy or at the back of your shower. Alternatively, place 10-20 drops on a damp washcloth and place it conveniently away from the water. When you step out of the shower, do not forget to moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize some more to reap all the benefits of a spa day and keep your skin silky-smooth, healthy, and glowing.

A spa day will have you feeling ready to face the world again. While at it, remember to show your hands and legs some TLC too. Trim and file your fingernails when they are still dry, and do the same for the toenails when they are wet. Close off your spa session by applying a fresh coat of polish.

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