Want To Create Your Own Army Themed Bedroom? Here’s How

Want to create your own army themed bedroom? Here is how.

army themed bedroom

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If you are interested in military history, famous army battles, and legendary soldiers, then an army-themed bedroom might just be for you. A bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation but there is no reason why it should not have some style. An army theme is a great idea for a bedroom. There is so much you can do to create an army-themed bedroom that you might literally be spoiled for choice.

However, just because you have many options does not mean that it will be easy. It takes a lot of planning, time, and effort to create an army themed bedroom.

If you are interested in doing so, here is how you can do it:

Design your bedroom

The first stage will be the design stage. Just like all military operations, you need to plan if you are going to have success.

You should start by creating a floor plan of how you want your army bedroom to look. Include all the necessary elements you would like in the bedroom as well as how much space you would like to leave.

You should also make plans for the walls and other areas of the room just to be comprehensive. If you create a great design for your army bedroom, all the other things will fall into place. There will at least be fewer mistakes.

Get some paint

There is nothing that can transform a room like a fresh coat of paint. When creating an army themed bedroom, the colors will be paramount.

The color of the army is jungle green with slight variational designs. Therefore, get a fresh tub of jungle green paint and any other color with which you would like to embellish it. Black, brown, and beige are common colors people use.

The green should be deep and be a true reflection of the army. You may also paint other elements of the room the same color, for example, the closet doors or chest.

Change the bedroom décor

The manner in which you arrange the items in the bedroom will constitute the décor. If you want to create an army-themed bedroom, you will have to come up with an idea for the décor. The people behind Military Decor | Bedroom & Bath | Wall Decor that the bedroom décor of an army-themed bedroom will be very different from that of other bedrooms in many ways. You will have to choose the ones that you like best. For wall decor, you can consider custom stickers, which are convenient and inexpensive. You can add any military pattern and the text you want to create a strong military atmosphere.

The décor of the room should be done after accumulating the effects of the room. Otherwise, you may find that you are short of space, or you have an item that can’t enter the room.

Find military equipment

Once you have designed the bedroom and have painted it the army color, you should find some equipment to put inside your bedroom. It will complete the bedroom and really give the army theme some tangible elements.

You can find army equipment for your room from many sources. You should start by looking for free equipment. If you can’t find it, you can buy some items online or from the Army Surplus Store.

The items you decide to put in the bedroom will depend on the availability of space and your creativity in arranging them. On the other hand, the equipment should not hamper your sleep quality which is the purpose of the bedroom.

Personalize the room

It is quite common to see army themed bedrooms that look largely alike. The reason is that the owners did not make the room their own.

You need to put a personal stamp on the bedroom so that you feel truly comfortable spending time in there. The décor will have a lot to do with it, but it is only the beginning.

Place pictures of yourself or your family, your weird army boots, or any other personal military effects you might have acquired in life. 

Honor the military

The final stroke of the masterpiece that is an army themed bedroom will be the homage you pay to the army. You should not forget to honor the institution with which you are designing your bedroom.

There are many ways to honor the military, and it will depend on you. Pictures on the wall or a flag to commemorate fallen soldiers for example should do just fine. 

If you can use the above information, you should create a fantastic army themed bedroom for yourself. You can have a lot of fun there if you follow the process and enjoy it. You should always remember to honor the fallen heroes who have made your amazing bedroom possible.

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