How to Add Value to your Home on a Budget UK

Ways you can add value to your home on a budget UK.

add value to your home

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The need to beautify your property’s looks and improve its value is always paramount on the minds of homeowners – whether they are planning to resale or make their home more conducive and comfortable.

A big mistake that homeowners make is that they tend to believe that increasing the value of a house has to do with spending a lot of money, which is not so. There are budget-friendly ways to add value to your home today. For transforming your home into a pent-house luxury standard, you will have to spend a lot of money. But your home can still look fabulous, with creative tweaks and remodeling here and there. In this article, we will not only be looking at ways to improve your home’s value, but tips to enhance the functionality and comfort your home provides. 

Before we explore inexpensive ways of improving your home’s value, let’s answer a pertinent question.

What adds value to a home?

Many homeowners spend a lot of money to boost their property’s value but end up making low returns on their investment. 

The uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the pandemic have forced homeowners to remain in their homes and make necessary improvements to boost the value of their residential property — rather than to make a quick sale and move to a new place. 

A vast majority of the labor force is starting to adapt to working-from-home, as thousands of businesses are becoming fully remote. This has caused homeowners to reassess their properties and seek ways of adding value to them. Real estate analysts and realtors have revealed houses with grey composite decking, home-office, solar lighting, and high energy efficiency are in great demand. 

To help you make a more informed decision on ways you can boost your property value on a budget, we compiled some tips to help you below: 

Improve your bathroom

There are lots of ways you can improve your bathroom without spending money on completely remodeling it. You can begin by painting the walls and changing the toilet-roll holder if they are old. Next is by deep cleaning. Ensure the grout and grime build up on the tile floors, behind the toilet seats, and basin are cleaned totally. Don’t forget to get a new toilet seat, and it should cost less than £30. This can add a fresh look to your bathroom. Ensure your taps, faucets, lighting, and showerhead are changed (especially when they look old or worn out). 

Freshen up your home exterior

Your home exterior is the first thing a potential home buyer sees when before stepping into your home. A great home exterior will create a lasting impression. Ensure you keep your property’s exterior clean and neat. You can do this by improving your home’s kerb appeal. 

Some pocket-friendly ways of adding beauty to your home’s exterior include:

  • Creating an outdoor living space. One way of doing this is by adding a deck. For instance, a grey composite deck will significantly improve your home’s outdoor aesthetics. 
  • Wall cladding and painting. 
  • Fixing the door of your home.
  • Decorating the pathway to your home.
  • Use flower pots and colorful lighting to add charm to your home entrance. 

Improve lighting

Light has a way of increasing the size of an object. This is referred to as the illusion of space. A home with adequate natural lighting is valued more than a darker one. This is especially true for smaller homes. Here are a few tips to help you improve your home’s lighting:

  • Ensure windows are in neat conditions to allow natural light and improve your home’s aesthetics.
  • You can purchase energy-efficient lights to reduce utility bills and CO2 emissions. 
  • Consider using light to decorate your home. You can install solar bulbs on your decking area to create a great ambiance. 


Without a beautiful kitchen, your attempt to improve your home’s value is futile. One of the areas homebuyers pay the most attention to is the kitchen area. You can revamp your kitchen space with the following tips: 

  • Consider getting a tiled splashback. They are low maintenance and can protect your walls from cooking stains and splatter.
  • Another great way of improving your kitchen aesthetics is by replacing light bulbs, kitchen fittings, and fixtures, window blinds, switches, etc. 
  • Your flooring needs refurbishment too. If it is wooden, refinishing will do. 
  • A budget-friendly way of revamping your kitchen spaces is by removing your kitchen cabinets’ doors to create a spacious, contemporary look.

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