Top Small Home Improvement Projects That Add Value

Top small home improvement projects that add value.

small home improvement

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With the recent slump in houses price across the country, homeowners are less eager to sell their homes. Instead, they have decided to wait until the housing market shows signs of improvement. However, a productive ‘waiting strategy’ is to undertake home improvement projects to enhance the property’s value further and increase its functionality and comfort (e.g. addition of composite decking and fencing panels, kitchen remodeling, bathroom upgrade, and replacing old windows). 

The truth remains that not every home improvement project will boost your home’s value, especially now that there is a steady decline in the housing market. Some house improvement projects can negatively impact your property value. Equally, some projects can improve your home’s curb appeal and increase your home’s value, giving you huge returns. 

What are the home improvement projects that are worth investing in? This article will analyze some home improvements that can boost your property’s value. Read more below:

Improve your home exterior 

The key to improving your home’s curb appeal is by revamping its exterior. Your home exterior is the first area of your home visitors or home buyers will see. For this reason, it can create a lasting impression — whether positive or negative. Your home exterior is a reflection of the holistic design and style of the house. It is also a mirror of the occupants of the house. 

So, your home exterior should lead the way in your outdoor design. Whether you intend using composite decking materials and fencing panels, wall cladding, patio, flower pots, or a new garage, it must reflect your taste and ability to add value to your home.

Here are some home improvement projects you can do to revamp your home exterior:

  • If your home exterior is clean, it will look attractive to homebuyers and enhance your home value. You can use an outdoor cleaning product to eliminate grease, moss grime, and other dirt from your deck, driveway, and patio. This will keep the area neat and clean.
  • To upgrade your landscape, consider laying a pathway around your garden or outdoor area. You can use composite materials or gravel. Ensure you clear your driveway or walkway of any litter, dead plants, or composting leaves.
  • It is essential to keep your gutter clean and tidy. It shows homebuyers that your home is well-maintained. A clogged gutter can ruin your roof tiles and home interior. This can weaken your house structure, causing the growth of mold and moss due to dampness. Use a trowel or scraper to remove any buildup of blockages; this will keep your gutter free of clogs. 
  • A good way of increasing your home curb appeal is by upgrading your home entrance. Does your front door look outmoded and dilapidated? Does your house wall look dirty with peeled paint? Then repainting your home wall and changing the door can enhance your home value. 

Upgrade your window treatments

Unattractive window treatments can ruin your home’s curb appeal or diminish your property’s value. Here are some budget-friendly ways to upgrade your window treatments:

  • Ensure your window treatment is clean and in good condition. You can keep your drapes dust-free by cleaning them with a vacuum hose. 
  • Replace your window coverings or curtains if they are worn-out. 
  • Sheer curtains can help your room become lighter by allowing the bright rays of the sun to come into your home. They are also aesthetically pleasing and can beautify your home.
  • Ensure your curtain blends with your furniture, ceiling, walls, and floor. 
  • There is no perfect ‘curtain length’, though experts prefer floor-length curtains. 
  • In your bedroom, you’d like to keep the excessive sunlight out. For this reason, try blackout blinds. 

Paint the walls

Wall painting is one of the most affordable and effective improvement projects that can enhance your home value. Here are some tips that can help you get the most out of your house repainting project:

  • Buyers love to see a freshly painted wall. It is a reliable way of creating a positive first impression. A house that has crumbly and old walls can never appeal to homebuyers. The best colors for interior paint jobs are warm neutral varieties like grey, tan, and gold. 
  • Painting can positively improve a space’s appearance by either making a room appear larger or smaller in size. This is called ‘the illusion of space’ a way in which color (paint color, in this context) affects how we perceive a room’s size. For this reason, ensure to paint small rooms with lighter colors to make them appear larger. Inversely, you can paint a large room with a darker color to give them a smaller appearance. We recommend you paint the bathroom, entryway, and kitchen areas of your house. 

Revamp your kitchen areas

The kitchen area can easily look worn-out and outmoded with time. A stylish kitchen can increase your home value. You can do this by making inexpensive changes to your appliances, cabinetry, and countertops. 

Let’s show you how to freshen up your kitchen area:

  • You can start by deep cleaning your kitchen. This would mean eliminating all the grease stains and dirt in your benchtops, stovetops, and cabinets. Remember to clean up your kitchen window to allow more light to filter in. 
  • A great way to improve your kitchen aesthetics is to install new artwork in your kitchen area. 
  • Light fittings can easily become drab and dull with time. Replace your light fittings with new pendant lighting. 

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