Focus on Healthy Vision for Your Family: New Year’s Resolution

Focus on a healthy vision for your family: New Year’s resolution.

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Human beings, unlike other animals, have the ability of foresight that induces a feeling of expectation. It’s this feeling of expectation that makes us nurse hope for the future. Going by calendars, entering a new year always seems to be a significant step into the future for humans. Hence, the high expectation and optimism levels that follow. 

New Year’s resolution is an act of expectation and optimism. Several people make resolutions for several reasons. For example, a person battling perpetual gastrointestinal issues could resolve to commit to a healthy diet and practices. They can take a step their commitment a step further by getting an after hours doctor Brisbane that can help them keep these in check. Other times, it could be a family trying to create goals targeted at building unity and a deeper bond between members. 

If you have a family and you’re looking to start the new year on a good note and are planning to write a new year’s resolution, then you might want to consider some of the helpful tips below. 

Be realistic

It’s a common phenomenon to feel overjoyed when entering a new year. Spirits are high, optimism levels are through the roof, and all our goals seem easy and within reach. During times like these, it’s easy to exaggerate our capabilities and set unachievable goals. Setting goals and not reaching them can have a drastic effect on our self-esteem, so it’s vital to think deeply before writing a new year resolution. Your resolution must have these characteristics so your family can keep them:

  • Specific: You need to clearly define what you and your family want to improve on in the new year and how to go about it. For instance, instead of writing, “increase family bonding time” you could write, “grill barbeque together every Friday night.” 
  • Attainable: Can you keep your commitment to your resolutions? Remember that, in this case, it’s a family goal that requires commitment from every member.
  • Relevant: Your resolution must be as important to other members of your family as it’s to you. You don’t want to set goals that won’t benefit others. If you’re wondering whether there’s any relevance in your family resolution, a quick survey should give you all the answers you need. 
  • Time-bound: You may need to attach a time frame to each family goal. There have to be moments when you and your family check in on the year’s resolution to see whether or not you’ve achieved anything significant within the stipulated time frame. 

Work together

Working together means asking your partner and kids where they want to improve and grow in the new year. It’s means considering everyone’s opinion to make a relevant decision. Going on picnics, playing games, watching soap operas together are good ways of increasing harmony and tightening love’s strong chords between family members. 

Eat nutritious food

Eating healthy meals is not only good for the body but the mind. A healthy diet choice and eating habit boost your immune system and guarantee longevity.  Since it’s not easy to completely alter your diet, you should start small by making gradual changes. 

Try slipping some vegetables into your meal and only have carbonated drinks during special occasions. 

Quit smoking

According to a survey, one in every five adults dies from smoking-related diseases every year. The decision to quit smoking affects not just you but your family. People around you can develop illnesses as a result of your smoking. Infants are especially susceptible to lung diseases when they continually inhale secondhand smoke from cigarettes. 

You can quit smoking by setting a specific date to stop. Afterward, you may begin to indulge in healthier practices like engaging in sports to avoid triggers and reduce cravings. Also, let your family know about your resolution. You’ll be needing their support and encouragement when you feel tempted to relapse. 

Get more sleep

Getting more sleep sounds easy until you discover you can’t watch your favorite late-night shows anymore. Scientists say the human brain needs 8 hours of sound sleep to function optimally. It’s even more essential for children to sleep longer for their overall growth and development. 

A time-management routine can help break down what seems like a busy schedule and free up more sleeping time. A timetable will guide you and your family at the right time to sleep and wake. 


Exercising regularly, aside from boosting the immune system, is a great way to have fun with your family. Nothing stops you from having a group workout with your loved ones. And it doesn’t have to be difficult, you know. You could buy skipping ropes and skip with your better half or get a ping-pong table and smash away. 

Be good to others

When we put some kindness into the world, it has a way of coming back to us. No matter how small, acts of kindness spread like a ripple in water as more people pay it forward. Genuinely assisting people who are in need increases our self-worth. Doing so with loved ones is even more fulfilling. 

Rendering community service with the kids is a great way to teach them the value of kindness and what it means to be human. It’s one of the most rewarding new year resolutions towards which any family can plan. 

Final thoughts

Every new year brings with it something that inspires change. Although the 1st of January is just another day caused by the earth’s rotation around the sun, optimism makes it a special year for humans. Writing a new year’s resolution for you and your family requires some guidelines if you’re bent on sticking with your goals. By following these guidelines, you should see positive results as you and your family grow together as the year runs out. 

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