How Education Has Helped Women Rule The World 

How education has helped women rule the world?

women rule the world

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From Simone De Beauvoir to Betty Friedan,  many feminist writers have educated, inspired, and informed many generations using only their pens. This is how the concept of equality transformed from being just a dream that women did not dare speak of to a reality that we are still fighting for. For ages, women have been taught to abide by certain feminine roles and practices. In return, they have not only suffered from discrimination but also ended up resenting themselves and their peers.

This long-term internalized misogyny only came to an end a few years ago. With the prevalence of technology and the internet, people now have unlimited access to endless sources of information. As a result, women started claiming back their bodies, their sexuality, and their right to learn, educate, rule, defend victims, and perform many other integral roles in the society that they were once deprived of. While many of us are aware of the importance of education in the civil rights and feminism movements, the full picture is still somewhat unclear. To help you have a better understanding, here are a few notes on how education has helped women run this world.

Awareness is the start

In the early modern period, Europe was a never-ending episode of witch hunts until people finally understood how melanin and pigmentation work behind natural red hair. Education is the only way to clean a past of ignorance, violence, and fear. It’s a human tendency to fear what is unknown. In this day and age, there is a huge, privileged percentage that has access to any type of information to be able to make logic out of anything they don’t understand. This privilege has been a game-changer that affected how many people think, act, speak, and feel. Without education, getting rid of blind faith and harmful superstitions would not have been even a possibility.

It is our responsibility

Now,  opportunities are more available than ever for women to claim what has been stolen from them for years: their right to exist independently. Instead of dedicating their lives to serving their husbands, kids, and families, women have started focusing on themselves, their careers, and building their personalities. Without education, all of this would have never been possible. 

However, it is still extremely difficult to find the best possible chance at an education that works for your needs. These types of life-altering decisions require a lot of research and time. According to this site, checking reviews of different colleges can help you compare and narrow down your options to reach the best possible decision. Prioritizing our education and learning paths is our duty as responsible humans who want to give back, not only to our society but to all the women around the world who are sharing the same battle as us.


Without investing money in science, medicine, technology, and education, the human lifespan was around  30 years of age. Many girls from younger generations were early to notice that without working on themselves to be the best possible version of themselves, raising physical and mentally healthy human beings and building a family is impossible. This revelation has extreme positive impacts that the world can already witness. Instead of placing value only in the sacrifices they make, women have started valuing themselves for who they are; their interests, the things they believe in, their passions, and their work.

Education is a literal lifesaver

Many studies have recently begun exploring saving the world through female power. These studies found that one of the effective ways to end the suffering, solve issues, and fight poverty and extremism is to invest more money in female education. The future is a woman. Among these studies, it was proven that women usually handle resources in more effective and practical ways by spending more money on education, food, and health. IT was also found that by investing in female education, the world will be less likely to suffer from high fertility rates, which has played a huge role in poverty, high maternal mortality rates, and high infant mortality rate.

The battle for women’s rights would have been possible to win without the power of education. Proper education has offered men and women everywhere a better chance at life. It is key to spreading awareness and fighting ignorance and unhealthy habits. Educated mothers, teachers, and women in powerful positions can literally change the world with their knowledge, compassion, and understanding. Women have a natural biological tendency to nurture. It’s about time we reclaim our power and leave the world in more loving hands that can instill acceptance and positive changes.  

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